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iDiversity: Embracing Reality & Co-designing Our Information Future

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Description: The new information landscape embraces diverse viewpoints, adapts to meet changing user needs, recognizes the underserved, and creates a vision of inclusive and accessible resources and services. So how can 21st Century librarians “do diversity” and keep up with practices and policies that best serve their communities? Explore a snapshot of factors for developing cultural competency. iDiversity founder Rebecca Oxley will present action-oriented takeaways by sharing how one small student-driven organization is encouraging dynamic digital spaces for professional development and collaboration that support information professionals as co-designers of our information future.

Presenter: Rebecca Oxley

Types of libraries:

  • All


  • Accessibility (ADA-compliance)
  • Diversity
  • Equity of Access
  • Multicultural Services
  • Professional Development
  • Resource Sharing