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Technological Determinism and the Future of Reference Services

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Description: In many ways, technology determines our roles and duties as librarians. There are Luddites and tech savvy individuals who believe that technology will make librarianship obsolete. However, reference librarians know that technology is not making librarianship obsolete; it is just changing how we provide reference services. In this session, we will not discuss the "threat of technology," but rather how reference services have adapted to new technology and what the near-future has in store for reference librarians.

Presenter: George Aulisio

Format: Facilitated Discussion

Types of libraries:

  • Academic
  • Community College
  • Elementary School
  • Federal
  • Government
  • High School
  • Library School
  • Middle School
  • Public
  • Research
  • School/Media Center
  • Students


  • Emerging Technologies
  • Public Services
  • Reference Services
  • Technology
  • Transforming Libraries
Sally Yerke (non-member)'s picture

This presentation had been given at a local event. There was a rather large gathering for this single presenter (for this area). Many from local libraries but also general public.  The subject gave us all excellent thought provoking ideas.  There was participation during the seminar and for quite a bit after. When the group had to leave the room due to the hotel schedule, there were several folks that moved along to the lounge area to discuss further. For a presentation in the "Conversation Starters" you'll do well to attend.

M Sally Yerke