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Scaling Information Literacy Education: MOOCs, online courses, and virtual environments, oh my!

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Description: Dynamic new modalities of massive online course delivery offer new opportunities to share information literacy skills with very large and potentially global audiences. But how do we create scalable interactions that convey the strategy, judgement, and decision making skills that we want all researchers to possess? Whether designing for university students, city residents, or the participants in our online global community, delivering meaningful and actionable IL training is still more a goal than a reality.

Presenter: Tasha Bergson-Michelson

Format: Facilitated Discussion

Types of libraries:

  • All


  • Continuing Education
  • Distance Learning
  • Information Literacy
  • Training
  • Transforming Libraries

Additional comments: We are a set of librarians and educators who have all had different experiences building information literacy courses for large online audiences. We look forward to collaborating with others who are interested or experienced in the same.

We have a larger group of experienced practitioners who are interested in participating--representing many different library types, especially (academic, public, school, etc.).