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LES Membership Committee Minutes, 2/4/13

LES Membership Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday, February, 4th, 2013

Meeting via WebEx, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. (PST)

In attendance:  Jennifer Bartlett, Michaelyn Burnette, Nancy Foasberg, Liorah Golomb, Frank Gravier (chair), Julie Judkins, David Oberhelman.

Announcements. Frank received notification from the ACRL Membership Committee of the resources available to LES Membership and a summary of what the ACRL committee needs from LES.

Planning for the LES Membership Forum at Annual 2013. 

The forum is scheduled for Sunday, June 30 from 1:00 - 2:30. This general membership meeting provides an opportunity for LES membership to meet with LES leadership and hear about the programs and activities of the section. Traditionally the forum has included a presentation of interest to the membership.   Frank will contact members of LES Exec. and ask them to consider a brief presentation at the meeting regarding the activities of the section or specific committees.  It would be nice to have a presentation relevant to the rich cultural heritage of Chicago. Frank will look at the LES Directory to identify some members who may be able to help us.  David suggested a presentation on the Newberry Library as a possibility. It was noted that access to any presentation equipment is usually quite limited at these meetings.

Job Shadowing Program. Liorah summarized the report she gave to LES Exec. about the status of the Job Shadow Program. One of the great challenges of the program has been matching people geographically.  Liorah proposed that a virtual option be provided that could create a mentoring relationship between new and established literature librarians.  She will draft a model of how this might work for the committee's review.

Membership promotion.  

The committee had a general, brainstorming, discussion about ways to promote the section and increase membership. David offered to help with the distribution of LES brochures at the LES/WESS/SEES program at Annual. Frank will contact Megan Griffin, ACRL,  to find out how we can get a supply of brochures and if they can be delivered to the program site.  It was noted that a new Social Media Coordinator has been appointed to LES and this would be a good person for Membership to work with.  Increased use of our social media outlets (Facebook, LES Blog, discussion lists) was mentioned as ongoing means to promote both recruitment and retention in collaboration with the Publications committee. One of the tools available to Membership is a list of members who have just joined and members who have dropped their membership.  Membership Committee members agreed that we could split up the work of contacting the new and former members. Frank will get information about the lists for sharing with the committee and a process for contacting these new and former members will be discussed by email.

Minutes by Gravier