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ECPS Committee Meeting Minutes (Midwinter 2013)

Happy Sunday, everyone!

At long last, I've attached the minutes from our top-notch committee meeting in Seattle.  I'll be in touch again soon with more details about our next steps.  We've still got lots of awesome to do, and I have oodles of updates to share!

Thank you again for your enthusiastic dedication to both our committee work and the very youngest learners we serve.  I'm proud to count all of you among my ALSC colleagues.

Warmest regards,


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Let's all give a big thank you to Jennifer for serving as our notetaker at Midwinter! (She had the minutes to me on the same day as our meeting, so the delay in getting them to everyone else is all on me.)

You're awesome, Jennifer!


Jenna Nemec-Loise
Division Councilor
Association for Library Service to Children


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You're welcome!

Jennifer Wharton

Youth Services Librarian

Matheson Memorial Library