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LITA Heads of Library Technology (HoLT) IG - ALA Midwinter

ALA Mid-Winter Meeting 2013 

Sunday, January 27, 2013
1:00pm to 2:30pm, US/Pacific (-8)

  1. Introductions & Announcements (5 min)
    1. Chair: Evviva Weinraub
    2. Vice-Chair: Meg Brown-Sica (not attending)
  2. LITA & HoLT Business (10 min)
    1. Email list - mailto:lita-holt@ala.org
    2. ALA Connect - http://connect.ala.org/node/66223
  3. Future HoLT Programming
    1. ALA Annual Presentation – International Perspectives on Open Access and Scholarly Publishing – Date & Location TBD
  4. HoLT Presentations & Discussion
    1. A business meeting was help with presentations of 10-15 minutes each.
      1. We Got IT! How You Can Learn to Love IT in Less Than a Year!
        Presenter: Kevin A. R. King, Head, Patron Services/IT, Kalamazoo Public Library
      2. Implementing Library-Wide Technology Goals for Individuals
        Presenters: Brett Fisher, Chair, Library Systems & Technology, Leatherby Libraries, Chapman University
      3. Developing a robust, fully open source solution for curating digital media collections in libraries and archives
        Presenter: Stu Baker, Associate University Librarian for Library Technology (Northwestern University Library)
  5. Attendees
    1. Evviva Weinraub
    2. Stu Baker
    3. Brett Fisher
    4. Kevin King
    5. Vicki Teal Lovely
    6. Brett Fisher
    7. Hong Ma
    8. Mary Kate Durkee
    9. Meghan Weeks
    10. David Isaak
    11. Susan Allen
    12. Mark Dehmlow
    13. Jon Solomon
    14. Bill Lund