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STS Publications Committee 2013 Virtual Midwinter Meeting Minutes

STS Publications Committee

Virtual Midwinter 2013 Meeting

December 10, 2012, 2:00 p.m.


1. Welcome and intros

Attending: Roxanne Bogucka, Jamie Conklin, Tyler Dzuba, Ashley Ireland, Edward Kownslar, Amy Prendergast, Hannah Winkler

Not attending: Donald Frank, Christie Peters, Denyse Sturges

Committee members stated their institutions and job titles, then everyone reported on whether they were attending ALA Midwinter, ACRL, and ALA Annual.


2. Sub-area reports

a. STS-L and STS-C: There are 1588 subscribers to STS-L. Sending out list usage guidelines a few times a year seems to have taken care of the inappropriate/ILL request posts that were appearing on the list. STS-C has 42 subscribers.

b. STS webmaster: Ashley Ireland will join Denyse Sturges as co-webmaster.

c. STS wiki watcher: Jamie Conklin will assume wiki-watching duties.

d: STS social media: Hannah Winkler has assumed social media duties.

e. STS-Publications co-chair: Amy Prendergast volunteered to be the co-chair.


3. Co-editor needed for STS Signal

Edward Kownslar described the duties and time commitment for STS Signal. The committee endorsed the idea that there should be two co-editors, who can learn the ropes from EK. Amy Prendergast and Tyler Dzuba are the new co-editors, and EK will contact them in early spring to begin their training.


4. Brainstorming initiatives for STS-P

The committee discussed the possibility of a project or process to improve discovery of and access to STS committee publications.


5. Member news…

No one had any news to report.


Meeting adjourned, 2:52 p.m.