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Jan 2013 ALSC Membership Committee Minutes

Membership Committee

Midwinter Meeting,  Sunday, January 27, 2013

9:00am - 11:30 am

Grand Hyatt Seattle – Princessa Ballroom


Present: Gaye Hinchliff (Chair), Jill Bellomy, Sam Bloom, Justin Alexander Crossfox, Amanda Jean Ellington, Cheryl Lee, Eileen Makoff, Dan Rude, Christine Scheper, Katrina Hartz Taylor, Susan Veltfort

Excused: Brian Fahey

Guests: Ann Schwab (Managing Children’s Services Discussion Group), Annette Goldsmith (ALA Recruitment Liaison)

Introductions, brief discussion of Speed Networking event, and information from the Leadership & ALSC Meeting on the ebook presentation

Membership Committee Charge - Reviewed and discussed. No changes; felt the description fits.

Dues restructure of ALSC

We discussed how our committee can help promote the benefits of ALSC and advocate for dues restructure.  Ideas were:

  • Guest spot on ALSC Blog – Dan, Sam, and Amanda offered to do so
  • Promote at State library conferences
  • Emphasize the difference between belonging to ALSC and just ALA
  • Use Dan’s talking points. Ron Jankowski can provide us with data

Current Business

Student sessions

  • Mechanics of the sessions (interface, time audience) and the support provided by Dan was explained. Student Sessions are archived and are a way to bring people to the ALSC website. Dan said attendance is good and we have sessions planned through June 2013
  • Topic ideas
    • Things you didn’t learn in library school
    • Various ALSC topics - volunteer form, becoming involved, info about ALSC Awards, ALSC 101 online version, WA office/legis. issues for those serving youth, help from ALSC for job-specific issues
    • Emerging Leaders
    • Library Disaster Plan – Action: Gaye assigned to investigate.  Update: Gaye saw 2 books at the ALA Store – Disaster Response and Planning for Libraries, 3rd ed. by Miriam Kahn & Comprehensive Guide to Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery published by ACRL

ALSC e-badge Contest winner was Krista Welz – new contest upcoming. Action: Dan will work on making image crisper and less blurry

Marketing/Promotion – JESSE listserve tabled


  • ALSC brochure #4 won! ALSC will do a small run before Annual since the dues may be changing
  • There is also a new ALSC ribbon!  “I Empower Kids”


  • Postcards – committee discussed the success of postcards and requested new members’ emails be included with initial postcard mailings so we have an option to send both postcard and email at the same time.  Dan will provide emails. Discussed staying in contact on a regular basis and the difficulty in what is too little or too much
  • ALSC local get-togethers with members in individual local areas – Sam reported he is successfully doing this on a monthly basis. He has participation from librarians in his library district and the region. They get together at different restaurants and bars and have lots of fun!
  • Targeting Paraprofessionals – discussion of ideas, the topic tabled until after dues issue is decided.  Ideas were:
    • Send postcards to ALSC-LSSIRT members asking about their concerns as  support staff in children’s services
    • Survey needs of Paraprofessionals
    • Invite to ALSC 101

ALA Annual

  • ALSC 101 – Katrina & Justin volunteered to plan & organize. She will work with Dan, and Sam Bloom & Amanda Ellington will do the Bingo. Jill Bellomy is back-up help.  Retention idea: contact 101 members encouraging them to send in volunteer forms
  • ALSC Booth – Eileen Makoff will coordinate


New Business

ALSC Needs Assessment Survey – Dan wants our committee to beta test the survey which will go out on Survey Monkey.  We can help by providing feedback on how ALSC  membership can work for them.  We mentioned CaL, potential mentor opportunities, networking, programming, Caldecott & Newbery toolkits, resources online classes and websites

Research Ideas – Gaye asked the committee to provide ALSC with ideas for research to help further ALSC’s Strategic Plan (item from the Leadership & ALSC meeting)

  • Paraprofessionals and quality of service
  • Genre vs. Dewey – the effect on Children’s Services in public & school libraries

Mentoring Program – Gaye & Ann Schwab will review and discuss the 2012 Board Document “Emerging Leaders Mentoring Survey” either via email or at next meeting and report back to committee members. We discussed the various pros & cons of a mentoring program: program needs to be member driven and works best if in partnerships with other ALA committees; concern about administrative responsibilities; NMRT has guidelines that are daunting; ACRL has a successful mentoring program – our committee should contact them for more information. We concluded that we need to do 2 things: assign mentors & have a Q&A spot for misc. support questions. Amanda offered to help. We also felt once the mechanics were in place and work divided among the members, this program will not be too difficult

Emerging Leaders – ALSC’s Road Show was not chosen



ALSC Member Profiles  - Contact Mary Voors if you’re interested in posting your profile on the ALSC Blog

ALSC’s Strategic Plan – Committee discussed how we are furthering the Strategic Plan

Volunteer Forms – Discussion on the problems of knowing when to turn in form, timeline for being appointed, what happens when we don’t hear back – feels like the form goes into a black hole; a need to define types of committees (process, etc.) and what Priority Group means; a need to send message similar to “We rec’d your form and it’s being considered”


Adjourned: 11:10 AM


Submitted by Susan Veltfort & Gaye Hinchliff



Dan Bostrom (staff)'s picture


Thank you so much for posting the minutes. I appreciate all of the work this committee did over Midwinter. We've really made some great strides and I'm very much looking forward to some big things from this committee in 2013. Please keep an eye out for your January postcards soon!


Dan Bostrom (staff)'s picture

By the way, I've finished making a large resolution available for the eBadge. Just go to the ALSC Blog homepage: http://www.alsc.ala.org/blog. Click on the eBadge image that's located on the right-hand navigation bar. It will take you to a page that produces a larger version of the image. You can right-click and download that image and use it as you will.