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Midwinter 2013 - Committee and Section Group Report

Tags: Reports | 2013
This report is for (name of the group):  ALCTS Subject Analysis Committe
Division or Section?  Cataloging & Metadata Management (CaMMS)
Meeting Date  Sunday, January 27, 2013
Meeting Time

8:30:00 AM


Members Present plus Guests


Judy Jeng (Chair), Elizabeth Bodian, Steven Knowlton, Andrea Morrison, Tony Olson, Deborah Ryszka, Athena Salaba, Adam Schiff, Alex Thurman, Robert Maxwell, Julianne Beall (DDC/OCLC), Sherman Clarke (ARLIS/NA), Suzanne Graham (AALL), Stephen Hearn (MARC Advisory), Eve Miller (Sears), Ed O’Neill (FAST), Deborah Rose-Lefmann (DDC Editorial Policy Committee), Caroline Saccucci (LoC), Hermine Vermeij (MLA), Janis Young (LoC), John DeSantis (IFLA), Michael Panzer (DDC/OCLC), Melanie Wacker (SACO), Christopher Case, Peter Fletcher, Sandra Desio, Yael Mandelstam, Penny Baker, John Maier, Bill Kulp, Thomas Dukleth, Bonnie Dede, Michael Colby, Sandy Roe, Tina Gross, Christopher Smith, Ann Fath, Lori Robare, Cynthia Whitacre, Ken Wade, Yael Mandelstam, Sandy Desio, Linda Seguin, Diana Brookin, Zora Breeding, Violet Fox, Nancy Sack, Karen Greever, Theo Gerontakos, Kayla Willey, Sandy Roe, Shelby Harken, Michael Colby, Deloree Shapiro, David Miller, Qia ng Jin, Rocki Strader, Karen Anderson, Ian Fairclough, Gayle Porter, Reinhold Henvelmann, John Attig, Lynnette Fields, Michelle Mascaro, Joy Panigabitra-Roberts, Eric Childress, Kevin M. Randall, Merilu Vallejo, Michael Nitz, G. Prager, Thomas Dukleth, Jon Marner, John Myers, Dan Lipcan, Robert Rendell, Bill Leonard, Catherine Phan, Bill Kulp, John N. Mitchell, Bruce Trumble, John Maier.


Members Absent


Tachtorn Meier




The Subject Analysis Committee met twice at Midwinter. 

At Sunday's meeting, after adopting both the agenda and 2012 Annual’s minutes, the committee heard reports from a variety of liaisons. Eve Miller reported on the Sears List of Subject Headings. Janis Young presented a detailed report on activities at the Library of Congress including general updates, details on general, descriptive, and subject cataloging (including a variety of RDA updates), genre/form headings and the new music medium of performance thesaurus. Julianne Beall, Michael Panzer, Caroline Saccucci, and Deborah Rose Lefmann spoke on Dewey Decimal Classification topics. Hermine Vermeij reported on the activities of the Music Library Association. Suzanne Graham reported on the American Association of Law Libraries. Sherman Clarke spoke on behalf of the Art Libraries Society. The SAC Research and Presentation Working Group was then represented with a report from Deborah Ryszka. Finally, Robert Maxwell updated the committee on the activities of the RDA Subcommittee .

Monday’s session opened with a large crowd of guests awaiting Kevin Ford’s presentation, “When URIs become the authority: Benefits and challenges of library Linked Data.” Ford’s excellent talk focused on the Library of Congress’ Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative and what it might look like in the real world. Acknowledging the fact that our information ecosystem is rife with complicated constructions and inconsistent representations, the ideal paradigm of connecting URIs directly is not always realistic. Ford discussed a very practical application of what he termed an “abstraction layer” wherein data could be communicated via a central URI when an already-established URI may not exist. Following the talk, a lively Q&A session took place, during which many of the ideas Ford presented were discussed, expanded, and analyzed.

After a short break, the committee returned to hear reports on a number of topics. Stephen Hearn provided an update from MARBI. Adam Schiff then spoke on behalf of the SAC Genre/Form Subcommittee. Ed O’Neill reported on the ongoing progress of the FAST project and John DeSantis presented a report from IFLA. Melanie Wacker discussed the happenings at the SACO at Large meeting. Finally, Judy Jeng presented the chair’s report.