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RBMS Diversity Committee Midwinter 2013 minutes

RBMS Diversity Committee
ALA Midwinter Meeting, Seattle, WA
Sunday, January 27, 8:30-10:00 AM
Westin Seattle, Adams

Katharine Chandler, co-chair, Free Library of Philadelphia; Chella Vaidyanathan, co-chair, Johns Hopkins University; Nina Schneider, Executive Committee liaison, Clark Library, UCLA; G. Michael Truran, Indiana University; Michelle Mascaro, University of Akron; Li Fu, University of San Diego; Michelle Stretzver; Katie Henningsen, University of Puget Sound;, Elizabeth DeBold, University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill.

Call to order 8:35 AM
Katharine Chandler agreed to take the minutes


1. RBMS Preconference Update

A seminar was accepted for the 2013 Preconference: Diverse Partners: Preserving and Providing Access to Collections
It will be from 8-9:30 AM on Wednesday, June 26.

A proposal was made for a discussion as well: Putting Diversity into Action: Showcasing Diverse Collections. This is likely to be accepted.

The Diversity Committee plans to team up with Membership to sponsor another Brown Bag lunch this year in order to foster connections among newer and younger members and more seasoned folks in RBMS. Last year’s event led by Athena Jackson was a success.

Scholarships are still open for this year, closing in March.  

For the 2014 preconference it would be a good idea to fit in diversity: There will be an emerging voices session, according to the discussions of the initial preconference 2014 meeting on Saturday January 26th.

2. Diversity Survey Update
1997 was the last time RBMS made a full survey of the membership. The Diversity Committee did not exist at that time. Katie Henningsen is writing on this. Chella will help. She contacted Brian Vetruba of Western European Studies Section to know if RBMS could use some of the questions. Brian mentioned that it should be fine as long as RBMS gives due credit to WESS if any of their questions are used. The survey is available at http://wessweb.info/wessimages/f/fa/Wesssurveyfinalreport.pdf
It’s important to look at things useful to Diversity and to new members, as well.

3. Collaboration with Membership and Professional Development Committee
The Brown Bag lunch collaboration for Preconference 2013 is happening (see above).
Kasia from the M&PDC is talking about buddy programs and mentoring programs.
Creative mentorings
Mention of a possible salary task force which would affect Diversity as well as Membership which will look at ARL salary surveys
Build relationships with other sections of ACRL:
relationships can bring in new members, new programming, etc. Particularly, it would be helpful to form relationships with the Asian, African and Middle Eastern section and others to encourage new members to join the RBMS.    
List of liaisons at information exchange.

4. Joint Conference for Librarians of Color (JCLC) Conference Report (Sept. 2012)
The session title was “Diversity in the Special Collections Field  from Defining the Need to Providing Solutions.” The session was held on Sept. 22, 2012. It was three member panel presentation by Athena Jackson (Univ. of Miami), Chella Vaidyanathan (Johns Hopkins University) and Tamar Evangelestia-Dougherty (Univ. of Chicago). Athena talked abou the Diversity Tookit in her presentation.
More than 20 people in attended the session, including LIS students
The audience asked lots of questions.
Diversity Committee should look into sending people to it in 2014 as it is only held every two years: perhaps present Diversity Toolkit with focus on diverse collections or for people new to profession. This would draw members from other groups to our session.  

5. Diversity Toolkit Update

The Diversity Toolkit needs to be updated to address diversifying collections and to address people new to the profession or non-Western collections.
Katharine Chandler will head it up with help from Chella, Katie Henningsen, and Michelle Mascaro.
Question posted: focus on diversity of users?
One answer was that diversity of collections will draw more diverse users.

Seminar idea: hidden collections for diverse populations.
Seminar proposal deadline is June 15.
6. no
7. New business?

Executive committee is rewriting core competencies. Katharine Chandler has offered to assist on the Diversity Committee end.

Meeting adjourned 9:35 AM.