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Meeting notes from ALA Midwinter, January 2013

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Hello RSS Marketing and PR Committee,

Thanks to Carol, we have excellent notes from our ALA Midwinter meeting.  Carol provided an online document and I'll paste them here for your convenience, too. 



RUSA RSS Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Services

Meeting Summary
ALA Midwinter, Seattle
January 26, 2013

Committee members present: Cathay Crosby (chair), Kristen Shuyler, Jessica Hagman, Carol Anderson

Guests: Don Boozer, Simonna Simmons, Jennifer Anderson, Emilie Smart

The meeting was called to order by Chair Cathay Crosby at 10:30am.

1. Suggestion/idea: devise social media "best practices" guidelines for RUSA

2. Campaign for national reference week with one day designated as "virtual reference day" is one of the initiatives of RUSA's "Just Ask" committee. The "Just Ask" forum is to be held on Monday, January 28 from 8:30-10:30 at the Red Liion, Emerald II room. It usually takes about two years to get an initiative such as this going.

3. "Slam the Boards" Don Boozer, chair of the MARS Virtual Reference Committee, is co-chair of program planning for the "Slam the Boards" program slated to take place at ALA Annual Conference 2013 on Satruday, June 29 from 3pm to 4pm. The program is a joint collaboration with the Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Services committee.

  In September 2007, Bill Pardue started volunteering on Yahoo! Answers on the tenth of each month to provide a librarian presence on a community answers board. Those present discussed how to set up the session for Annual Conference.

After exchanging ideas, the program format that emerged:

n  Webinar the week of May 20-24, Bill Pardue; webinar to cover basics and following the webinar, available for on-demand viewing

n  encourage people to participate in "slam the boards" on June 10; twitter hashtag, embed link, what you learned -- also post to ALA Connect

n  discussion forum/program at ALA Annual to dig deeper into issues surfaced by the webinar and June 10th participation on the answer boards.  Note: program advertising state that the program builds on the webinar and provide webinar info

n  Using webinar content, make a short YouTube video (no more than five minutes) of the five top reasons to slam the boards and the advertising and marketing value for libraries and librarians. [Jessica volunteered to do this/also suggested a brief webcam interview with Bill Pardue to generate content]

n  Use the program at ALA Annual to connect/push out JUST ASK and tie in PEW report regarding value and importance of reference services

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 am.

(Meeting notes provided by Carol Anderson.)