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conference call tonight, 8:30

Hi all.  Carli, Shana, Jen and I will be doing a conference call via Google hangout tonight at 8:30 Eastern.  Sorry for the extremely short notice -- it was hard for us to pin down a time we could all meet -- but we promised at Midwinter we'd tell you when we met in case you wanted to meet too.  We'll post the hangout link here around 8:30.

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What'd I miss?

FYI I signed up for the Python preconference. I've done some of the Codecademy exercises but overall I'm not too knowledgeable about the language, still happy to help others along at the preconf.

-Eric Phetteplace

Systems Librarian

California College of the Arts

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What you missed!


The action items here, basically: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QkUrJkRcH-vOOO_spqdKD5-sxZGkNS44hDzw...  Mostly logistical planning for the preconference.  We also brainstormed about action items we'll need to be on in future months as the preconference gets closer (e.g. curriculum modifications).


In non-preconference items, we'll be setting up a Github organization for the IG that can host your github tutorial plus whatever projects we do as an IG in future, having a discussion about changing the name of the IG (since "code year" no longer really captures our scope), and (down the line a ways) thinking about how leadership will work for the IG next year (Shana has a major new job, I may have a major new office).  Hint, hint to anyone who might be interested in stepping up :)


Thanks for asking!  I appreciate that you're keeping us honest.

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