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ALA WAC Minutes from 2013 ALA Midwinter Meeting

Tags: 2013

Draft WAC Agenda - Midwinter 2013 - Seattle

Sunday, January 27 2013

3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Seattle Convention Center Room 310 http://alamw13.ala.org/node/8658

In attendance: Aaron Dobbs (chair), Sherri Vanyek (ITTS), Veronica Douglas (committee member), Ruth Newell (UFL) Travis Jonker (ALSC), David Rocheter (guest), Rob Banks (executive board liaison), Chris Jones (ACRL), Wendy Stephens (YALSA) Davis Vess (LITA/GLBRT), Simon Healey (ASCLA), Jenny Levine (ITTS) (quorum)

1.0 Call to Order and Introductions - Dobbs 

2.0 Report from Executive Board Liaison – Rob Banks 

Discussion of School Library Task Force information seeking

Proposal before Council linking dues to the Consumer Price Index

The 15 x 15 ($15 million by 2015 planned giving) campaign

Digital Content working group taking an aggressive stance

Maureen Sullivan’s emphasis on community, Harwood institute for transforming ALA

3.0 Committee Business - Dobbs 

  • Changes to the Agenda
  • WAC Charge Reminder
  • Review of Minutes from Annual 2012
      • Annual Action Items
      • Select Vice-Chair 2013-2014
      • Draft Committee Chair FAQ
      • Hosting alternative for DreamHost
      • Encourage groups to update microsites
  • WAC member role guide

  3.0 ITTS Report to WAC - Vanyek, Levine 

  4.0 WAC Vice-Chair for 2013-14 - Dobbs 

            Will begin last day of Annual. Aaron rolls off this year after 4 years on WAC.

  5.0 WAC Assistance Needed for ITTS – Dobbs/Vanyek 

  • Review of profile management software
  • Provide feedback on homepage redesign for ala.org
  • Review of software selected for new ecommerce system
  • Review of updated style guide containing best practices for the ALA Website
  • Review of software interface for the new abstract/program proposal and meeting request system
  • Review of committee appointment wireframes
  • Review of video training materials on how to maintain the ALA website in Drupal

Simon praises conference services’ response to accessibility issues in the Internet café.

Time zone issue with conference scheduler

ITTS has successfully moved off Dreamhost and will be migrating all blogs and wikis to inhouse servers. The divisions need to tell their web authors to update the webpresence of the microsites in anticipation.

ITTS is in the process of changing profile management software. This will happen in February, and they will need testers. The end result will be that profile changes will cross platform seamlessly. Travis volunteered to look at this.

ITTS is also looking for a new ecommerce systems for renewing dues and continuing education. The RFP generated 22 proposals, which has been whittled to five vendors. They will consider three products. They will want feedback on that closer to summer.

For software to run program proposals and generate abstracts, a RFP generated 3 bids, currently between to two vendors. This is fast-tracked as it must be in place by August 2013 to prepare for Midwinter 2014 program proposals.

The web working group is looking at prototypes for homepage redesign, and will need input on this as well.

The committee appointment process can benefit from the implementation of wireframes. David Vess is a contact for this portion of the web presence.

The review of ALA Connect training material continues as the new elearning specialist will be working on materials.

The registration problems surrounding accessibility for ALA Annual will be fixed by Midwinter, says Sherri, as the vendor has committed to making this accessible. The larger issue is that ALA bought the software without investigating accessibility. Issues for profoundly sighted members included problems transferring bundled registration.

7.0 New Committee Business - Dobbs 

  • Anything from Unit Representatives?
  •  Anything from ITTS?
  •  Discussion
  •  Suggested changes or improvements to ALA web-spaces in general?
  •  Suggestions for or from your Unit's web-space in particular?

  8.0 Reports from WAC Members & Units - WAC 

  • Please be ready to (briefly) tell us what your Unit is doing with its web-space
  • Please bring up any questions your Unit has about its web-space or connect-space
  • If you want to report something detailed, please feel free to post it to the WAC Connect Group (or post it publicly in your Unit's Connect-space)

Preferred way to share from divisional WACs to ALA WAC; make summary discussion public on divisional Connect space, then provide a link to the ALA WAC.

Ruth: UFL would meet on Monday

Travis: ALSC is working on an advocacy microsite to launch May 1

Wendy: YALSA requiring email harvesting to access booklists

David: For GLBRT, appointments are important. They also want a branded microsite, so should start with their staff liaison.

Sherri: ITTS plans to replace the Google site search with Apache Solar with an implementation that will allow for federated searching of both the ALA site and Connect including a searchable member directory.

The move to an in-house server should improve response times for wikis and blogs.

LITA is sunsetting wikis and shifting all that content to Connect.

  9.0 Action Items/Other Business Summary -

  Adjournment - WAC 4:06 p.m.


Aaron Dobbs's picture

Woo! Thanks Wendy!

This is what I remember about our discussions, too... did we miss anything?


"Always remember everyone is working to make the organization better in their own way."
-Eli Mina, ALA Parliamentarian