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Linked Library Data IG managed discussion & business meeting reports from Midwinter 2013

The Linked Data IG met during the LITA all-Committee session on Saturday, Jan 26. Co-chairs Debra Shapiro and Theo Gerontakos were present, and we were joined by two potential new members (one of whom was not currently a LITA member). We talked generally about what the group would like to do:

  • get space for a managed discussion at Annual in Chicago
  • organize a series of webinars on linked data (Shapiro is in negotiations with two possible instructors)
  • recruit a co-chair to replace Shapiro, who would like to step down after Annual

There is a general feeling that we are beyond the big conference program, "what is linked data" at this time and the ALA community is more interested in how to do it infor, such as the webinars, and BIBFRAME updates.

We adjourned after abut 20 minutes to attend the OCLC linked data roundtable program in the next room.

The IG also held a managed discusiosn on Sunday at 10:30 - the report from that session, by Theo Gerontakos, is attached.

respectfully submitted,

debra Shapiro, Feb 4, 2013


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