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Ericka Raber's picture

ALA Midwinter 2013 Membership & Orientation Meeting Minutes

Minutes: EBSS, Membership and Orientation Committee


Education and Behavioral Sciences Section

ALA/Association of College and Research Libraries

Midwinter Meeting

Friday, Jan. 18, 3:00-4:00 pm (Central time)


Note: The meeting was held via conference call.


In attendance: Ericka Raber (Chair), Ann Brownson, Deborah L. Schaeffer, Lisa Burgert (guest)


Absent: Kirsten Kinsley



  1. Ericka agreed to take minutes.


II.   EBSS Get-together at Midwinter (Seattle, Jan. 25-29) (5 mins)
Social planned for ALA Midwinter, Seattle, The Daily Grill, Sat. Jan. 26, 5:30-6:30. Kirsten Kinsley will host. Kirsten will send out follow-up reminder next week. Ericka will ask Advisory group about reminding their members about the event.


III.   Report on Membership and statistics -Ericka (3 mins)

  1. Dec stats: 36 New, 36 dropped, 16 reinstated members;
  2. Surveys--7 responses—most members commented on changing responsibilities as reason for joining or dropping EBSS


IV.  Web redesign project (25 mins)

  1. Discussion of how best to work on suggestions for revision to EBSS website. Deborah and Ericka will talk after Advisory about possibly using Adobe Connect for our next check-in mtg in order to hammer out design suggestions.


V.  Annual Social (10 min)
a.  Ericka discussed options presented by Megan Griffin for going through ALA. Committee agreed suggest to EBSS Exec.to keep the social in its current informal format.
b.  Ann will look into some possible locations (Chicago, June 27-July 2) Sat, June  29 seems to be the best date. Train from McCormick is an option for getting downtown quickly. Deborah suggested the Hilton Bar as an option.


VI. Other business (5 mins)


ACRL Social (Indianapolis, IN, April 10-13) —Ericka will work with Sally Neal, who volunteered to help select a space. Ericka will ask at Advisory if Members at Large might be available to help. No M&O committee members have committed to attending.

Committee Membership –Deborah has completed 2 2-year terms. Ann may be able to continue for another year. Kirsten has completed her 2-year term on this committee, and she will be taking on the duties of Chair of an ACRL committee. Ericka will report to Scott Collard.

ALA Annual Meetings in Chicago—time—Saturday morning all-committee meetings for our committee


Check-in virtual working meeting (5 mins)
a.   Late March. Ericka will send out a Doodle poll.