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CPCT notes from Mid-winter (Conference Programming Coordinating Team)

Colleagues, please see the attached notes from Kirsten Clark, one of the round table representatives to CPCT, the group that looks over the submissions for the upcoming annual conference. 

Pay special attention to the fact that some programming slots have been left open, for "hot" topics.  Kirsten and the other RT rep. on CPCT (Kirsten, help me out here, what is her name?) will be getting in touch with your group to ask if you are willing/able to put on another program for 2013, one that either will fall into a "Current events" category or into "Big Picture Issues".

Also, I am still working on finalizing notes from the RTCA meeting, but remember to take a look at 2013 Annual programs in the preliminary schedule, see http://ala13.ala.org/preliminary-program   Any chances for collaboration there?  Any topics you don't see that your group can address?

All for now.  RTCA meeting notes will be forthcoming today or tomorrow

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