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2013 Midwinter Meeting Minutes LLAMA LOMS Executive Committee

LLAMA LOMS Executive Committee

2013 ALA Midwinter Meeting

10:30am -- 11:30am, Saturday, January 26, 2013, Seattle, WA

Present:  G. Fitsimmons ( Ch.),  A. Grosenheider (Vice-Ch.),  Ben Walker (Member at Large), Roxanne Sellberg (Member at Large), K. Lucas ( Secty)

DRAFT MINUTES  (There is only one set of minutes. I integrated the information minutes from the All Committee's Meeting because the topics were the same as this later meeting.)


1.  ALA Connect:  Be sure to opt in for Connect to send you email.

2. Connect:  Post to online documents rather than attachments to email messages.

3. Committee Volunteer appointments: Mid/late February volunteers submit applications.  April
make appointments. Effective after Annual Conference.

4. Reminder of LOMS Committees: Nominating, Organizational Theory and Planning (OTAP), Planning and Evaluating Library Services (PELS), Financial and Administrative Services (FAS?).


1.  LLAMA Orientation-- Fitsimmons reported that he is working on supporting documents packet to accompany an orientation webinar that Kerry Ward , ALA Staff Liaison, is developing. March is the targeted timeframe for the webinar to be completed. Fall is the timeframe for conducting the webinar in preparation for the 2014 Midwinter Meeting.

2. Strategic Plan/Annual Operating Plan (AOP)-- AOP is mapped to ALA fiscal year, September --August.  Is not mapped to appointment terms, July -- June.  Requires much communication among all. To begin developing a LOMS' 2013 AOP Lucas will excerpt LOMS specific Key Strategies from each Strategic Theme from the strat plan creating a LOMS specific table. 

ACTION: By February 15 She will post it to the LOMS Connect online documents. The LOMS Executive Committee will review it to see which LOMS' committees are appropriate to be assigned as responsible for each LOMS specific Key Strategy and develop tactics (most specific level). And what activities committees are already working on can be added, with tactics. Further action is to establish a timeline and transition plan this year, put it into practice, make adjustments and add what works to the orientation.

Respectfully submitted, Kari Lucas, LLAMA LOMS Executive Committee Secretary



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Thanks, Kari. Nice job. Looking forward to seeing your analysis of the operating plan as well. All:  this message is also an experiment—to see whether replying
to the email from ALA connect (above the line) results in anything happening in ALA connect. -Roxanne

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Roxanne Sellberg, Northwestern University Library

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For my action item in the minutes I divided one document into three. I thought it would be easier to work with them that way.  It is a lot of information embedded the original document.  Easy to miss or overlook something.

1.  Timeline fo AOP planning.  online doc

2.  Budget sheet for AOP planning.  online doc

3.  Spreadsheet limited to only LOMS items.  file (b/c as an online doc it lost its table formatting and became very confusing to sort out)


Kari Lucas

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I am sending this to all LOMS committee chairs and the Executive Committee by email as well, so please excuse duplicate emails.


Thank you, Kari for your work on these documents! As we can all see from the timeline (attached), we should have started our development of next year’s Annual Operating Plan (AOP) at MidWinter (not to mention continuing work on this year’s). Please look at the LOMS-Specific AOP (attached) and let me know if there are any of the items listed that need updating or moved to next year’s AOP. Unless you already have something scheduled we will not try to squeeze anything further into this year’s AOP other than what we have already committed to do (see next paragraph). Also, let me know what tactics (webinars, publications, anything being planned by your committees) have been/are being planned that should be part of next year’s AOP so that we can get started on it.


Here are a few action items and assignments to committees from this year’s AOP. Tactics under:

·         Goal 1, Key strategy 2: I don’t know which committees have a webinar coming up that they are sponsoring. If your committee has one, you are responsible for the “increase[ing] marketing for LOMS webinars tactic.”

·         Goal 1, Key strategy 5: All committees responsible. Ask me if you have any questions.

·         Goal 2, Key strategy 2: FAS committee, have you decided whether to try to make the Enterprise Risk Management program a webinar or abandon it altogether?

·         Goal 2, Key strategy 2: Which committee was planning on collaborating with HRS on a program on

hiring and recruitment? What progress do you have to report?

·         Goal 2, Key strategy 5: I know we have developed or are developing  at least one webinar. Which one(s) if any have taken place this year and how many attendees did it/they draw? If you don’t know the answer to the second part, I can probably get the figure from Fred Reuland.

·         Goal 2, Key strategy 7: PELS committee, has this been published?

·         Goal 3, Key strategy 1: FAS Committee, what progress has been made on the members-only website content?

·         Goal 3, Key strategy 1: “Market LOMS to all library managers, not just pro essional staff,” This is one for the LOMS executive committee. We need to come up with some marketing emails to broadcast as well as any other idea  you can think of.

·         Goal 3, Key strategy 1: For all committees planning webinars or other programs, we need to think of creative ways to ensure that attendees know who developed and is sponsoring each program.

·         Goal 3, Key strategy 2: FAS committee, what progress have you to report on this?


Please consider adopting one or more of the key strategies (especially the ones that are empty this year) as a starting point for developing tactics for next year’s AOP. Each tactic we come up with will be assigned to one or more committee(s) to work on for the year and have their committee name attached to it so that you will be able to look at the AOP and know more specifically what items in the AOP your committee is responsible for.


I know this is a lot to think about, but committee chairs need to please respond by March 18, so that I can report to the Board on both our progress on this year’s tactics as well as a start on those planned for next year. I will update this year’s AOP with Kerry Ward when I have received and compiled your reports. Thank you for all of your hard work!


Gary Fitsimmons, PhD

Director of Library Services

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Greetings Gary,

Gary Fitsimmons, PhD
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