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Andromeda Yelton's picture

social media contacts?

I'd love to make sure I'm following all of you on Twitter (have actually been building a list: https://twitter.com/ThatAndromeda/lita-forum-2013-committee ).


So far, I've got me (@ThatAndromeda), @Margaret_Heller, @varnum, @phette23, and @anitazavrrr (that's the right Anita, right?)  Anyone else?


I don't do G+ or Facebook or Tumblr or any of those with my librarian hat on, but if you do maybe share those too?  It'd be nice to be connected.

Anita Dryden's picture

yes, that's me!

Jennifer E. Taylor's picture

I'm @jemanuel, but I almost never Tweet.  And they are protected.  Twitter is definitely not my tool!