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Game Making IG Meeting, ALA Midwinter 2013

Game Making Interest Group Meeting Report

  • We had 13 attendees at the meeting.
  • The Chair, Breanne Kirsch gave a brief introduction and history of the Game Making Interest Group to those that were new.
  • The group’s wiki was discussed and is available at: http://gamemakinginterestgroup.wikispaces.com/.
  • Our upcoming program on gamification at ALA Annual in Chicago was discussed:
    • “What You Need to Know Before Gamifying Your Library”
    • Gamification, the application of game design and mechanics for user engagement, is a society-wide trend. Game-based learning has recently surfaced as a hot topic in higher education. This program will provide:
      • An overview of what gamification means in the library context,
      • What the potential benefits and pitfalls of gamification are and
      • A lively discussion by a group of librarians with many examples of pioneering gamification projects at academic and public libraries.
  • Ideas for possible future programs were discussed and the meeting was adjourned.
  • A copy of the meeting handout has been attached for those that were unable to attend.
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