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Agenda for meeting January 31, 2013

Brief Agenda for RSS Library Services to Aging Population Committee
January 31, 2013
Agenda with full details is attached to this post.  

1. Greetings and introductions

2. Change the committee charge

3. Guidelines for Library and Information Services to Older Adults

4. Recruitment of new committee members

5. Date for next meeting

Please contact Abigail Elder aelder [at] ci.tualatin.or.us with any questions. Thanks!

RSS Aging Agenda 1-31-2013.pdf51.51 KB
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Minutes from this meeting have been posted on the Minutes Landing Page 
Please email Abigail Elder with any corrections. Thanks!

e: aelder@beavertonoregon.gov
p: 503.526.3705
t: @eldera