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Digital Literacy Report Released for Midwinter

After revising the draft report based on feedback from ALA membership as well as feedback from the ALA units represented on the Task Force  released “Digital Literacy, Libraries, and Public Policy,” (pdf). This report  provides a broad overview of digital literacy in the context of school, public, and academic libraries. 

The report explores the ways that various libraries support digital literacy programs for their students and patrons. It discusses the current digital literacy policy context, including digital inclusion, education and lifelong learning, and workforce development.

In addition to this new report, the Task Force is developing a set of recommendations to the library community as well as policy makers and potential funders to continue and expand libraries’ engagement and leadership to effect meaningful and sustainable change in our communities. These recommendations will be a companion piece to this report.



2012_OITP_digilitreport_1_22_13.pdf520.34 KB