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Cody Hanson's picture

MW13 Board tickler list

Rachel to talk to Membership cmte re: giving

Zoe will update Colleen regarding board support for continued funding of two emerging leaders

February meeting to discuss FY14, IG renewals/leadership

Discuss IGs responsibilities with Paul Keith John and Lauren

Zoe to follow up w Nina re digital tasks force - update to board, membership?

Zoe to discuss planned giving with financial task force

Bylaws update on replacement board member when board member elected to office

Cody - Education cmte. members to assist with preconference coordination on-site

Codify that chair of PPC (or their designate) should be LITA delegate to ALA PPC - Bylaws

Lauren and John to jointly take on board liaison to IGs they will let us know how they will divide responsibilities.

Jason to take on board liaison to ALCTS/LITA metadata cmte

John will look at distributed authorship for twitter feed

Zoe - Publications cmte: fate of blog (content, responsibility) report by Annual?

Membership cmte to look at scheduling of MW happy hour for possible inclusion in the scheduler

Technology and Access Cmte - Should this group dissolve? Become an IG?

Board liaisons should review committee docs in strategic plan

Cindi will send out TM exercises to membership, send it survey to TM attendees, David will help collate

Cindi Blyberg's picture

Hey gang,

I got an email from Bohyun Kim, who's on the WCC, asking if the question of the blog came up before the board.  I remember vaguely talking about it, but I was pretty out of it by that point (thanks, Sudafed), so I don't remember what the outcome was.  If one of you remembers, can you put it here?

Also, Cody, can you make this document public, please?

Thanks! Great meeting! 

Adriene and Colleen, we missed you. 


Cody Hanson's picture

The document is now public.

Elizabeth Stewart-Marshall's picture

My recollection is the blog stays for now.  WCC should look at an upgrade/refresh of the software.  I'm supposed to talk to publications about disussing how to drive more content to it.  Publications had responsibility for the newletter in the old days.  Blog could act that way again: member updates, etc. 

Zoe Stewart-Marshall

LITA Past President (2013-2014)