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Bohyun Kim's picture

Update from NMRT board meeting at MW

Hi ~

I attended the NMRT board meeting at MW virtually yesterday and wanted to let you know about this idea that came up. One of the board members pointed out that there is a perception that NMRT is for those who are young and having a librarian position as their first career and not for those who get into librarianship late or as a second or third career choice. This is not accurate since NMRT supports all new librarians regardless of age, background, etc. 

Is there something that MPDR committee can do to counter this misperception and emphasize that NMRT consists of all new librarians from diverse age groups, backgrounds, etc.? Maybe we can connect with the Web committee and add the faces of our board members or create interviews of active NMRT members so that even those who are new to NMRT can clearly see that we are a very diverse group? 

Something to think about and brainstorm!

Hope all of you are enjoying MW and let's follow up later. 



NMRT Outreach Director


Rebecca Van Kniest (non-member)'s picture

So my first recaction was that this is kind of reidiculous -- that it must be an isolated case. I certainly didn't have that impression of nmrt when I joined as an LIS student. But even it's limited, there are things we can do about it. Are there forums where we could post regular member features? Facebook? The blog? We could ask the existing membership to share reflections on their experience with nmrt or what nmrt has meant/done for them (corny maybe, but I'm just thinking as I write this). We could post them with photos and caption them with descriptions like "Name, former ballerina and shelf stocker" or the likes.

Other thoughts?

Hope you all are having a great conference!


Melissa Cardenas-Dow's picture

We'll put this on our agenda to discuss. I think this is an important aspect for us to address.


"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." -- commonly attributed to Philo of Alexandria