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Bohyun Kim's picture

Update from NMRT board meeting at MW

Hi ~

I attended the NMRT board meeting at MW virtually yesterday and wanted to let you know about this idea that came up. One of the board members pointed out that there is a perception that NMRT is for those who are young and having a librarian position as their first career and not for those who get into librarianship late or as a second or third career choice. This is not accurate since NMRT supports all new librarians regardless of age, background, etc. 

Our liaisons post a lot of events and news from other library associations, but do they also communicate this point (that  NMRT supports and welcomes all new librarians regardless of age, background, etc. ) by posting back to those other library associations' listserv and promote NMRT? 

Something to think about! 

Hope all of you are enjoying MW and let's follow up later. 



NMRT Outreach Director.