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Final Report: GLBTRT Resource Ad hoc Committee

Tags: Reports | 2013

Submitted on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 17:42
To the GLBTRT Board Contact Web Form

Last Name: Walker
First Name: Walter

After reviewing the GLBTRT Resources webpage and their website analytics
data, we propose that the Round Table continue to host GLBT-related
bibliographies and resource lists that have been created or approved by
GLBTRT members and that there should be a standing committee charged with
creating, approving, and maintaining group-curated resources.  Bibliographies
created by individuals will no longer be hosted on the GLBTRT webpage.  The
new committee will approve the content and establish criteria for maintaining
links, monitoring usage, and website changes.  We also recommend that the
committee start its work by identifying topics for new resources, evaluating
the current resources for possible revision or deletion, and setting up a
mechanism on the page for users to suggest new topics or other changes on the

Approved by the GLBTRT Resources Ad Hoc Committee, 17 January 2013, and
submitted by Walt Cat Walker on their behalf.

I realize that our group has been unable to complete all of the charge that
we were given in Spring 2012.  Several of the Ad Hoc Committee members are
willing to be serve on a standing committee if one is formed, and I am
willing to chair it, if the Board wishes to accept our proposal.  I expect to
have more time to lead a committee after my term as Chair of OLAC's
Cataloging Policy Committee ends this June.