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Discussion Forums in Seattle

If you're in Seattle, please join the Discussion Forums Coordinating Committee for: Just Ask: Defining and Advocating for the Reference Librarian Elizabeth Stephan, Western Washington University Diana D. Shonrock, Professor Emerita, Iowa State University Sunday, 8:30-10:00 Want to influence the way RUSA advocates for reference services? Join members of the RUSA Just Ask Committee to discuss the evolving role of reference librarians and reference services in all types of libraries. The discussion will help create a RUSA member-influenced vision of both, which in turn will assist the organization in advocating more effectively for the support and development of quality reference services. Unhappy Campers: Coping with Job Dissatisfaction and Burnout on the Front Lines Virginia Cairns, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Monday, 1:00-2:30 Shrinking budgets, staff cuts, competing demands, impatient patrons; it all has an impact on staff morale and the quality of service provided by librarians everywhere. Gather with colleagues to discuss the issues faced, as well as potential strategies for managing unhappiness and distress in the workplace from the perspectives of library administration, peers, and the individual librarian.