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Homeless in the Library

Homeless Program

  1. Topics: Social, Security, Spatial, Administrative (Legal, Liability, etc.)
  2. Social Issues committee may be involed
  3. Possible Academic Library
  4. Questions about fear
  5. Jean Bosch: The Urban Rest Stop in Seattle
  6. Warren Graham Black Belt Library
  7. Need to define the issues first; avoid be defensive

Please provide your thoughts about this program and send "best practices." I also need links to resources

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APL Committee members

This pre-conference 2014 program has been approved today. We have a lot of work to do between now and May when I need to finalize all aspects of this program to submit to the committee at ALA 2013. Thanks for all of your good advice over the past 2 days. I will take a stab at the overall outline. In the meantime, please start collecting information, best practices, etc. Please post everything connect.ala.org so we can keep track of it. Please also post your comments in this discussion thread. 


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Hi all, a few years ago, I conducted research with homeless people, exploring their perceptions of libraries.  I worked with homeless people extensively in my previous career (as a social worker), but do not have much interaction with homeless patrons in my current library position.  I see that your preconference focuses primarily on security, spatial, and legal issues re: libraries and the homeless - I'm not sure if my research will fit, but if you are having a hard time finding presenters, let me know and perhaps we can work something out.  I'm glad that you're working to educate other librarians about this issue!


Angie Kelleher MLS, MSW
Access Services Librarian
Alma College
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