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Minutes from SAA 2012-08-08

Committee on Archives, Libraries and Museums (CALM) / Minutes

SAA Meeting August 8, 2012


In attendance: Su Kim Chung, Danielle Plumer, Jean Green, Sarah Demb (CALM Committee), Charlotte Brown, Christian Dupont, Susan Malbin, Gregor Trinkhaus-Randall, Bob Horton, Kevin Cherry, Ann Marie Willer, Aliza Allen Leventhal, Berlin Loa, James McGlothlin

Virtual via Skype: Phillip Katz from AAM


Request to Council for the equipment to teleconference (Skype, etc.) - hopefully this equipment will be available for every meeting in the future

AAM participation may be problematic for participation - they are working to get things in order - encourage anyone you know who is an AAM to consider serving as a member of this committee

Gregor Trinkhaus-Randall: collaboration @ the leadership level - has been in touch with Maureen Sullivan of ALA - has been in touch with Nick ? @ the Getty - as far as moving things along - there is a real place where we can work together collaboratively in advocacy particularly in Washington - if we all work together it gives us clout - also no one seems to know what is happening in ea. organization in education - developing a common calendar to let other organizations find out what others are offering and determine gaps - digital preservation: this is something that crosses bounderies, this is not only the large institutions, how can we help the small institutions? - leadership institutes and leadership training: a lot of the concepts in leadership are the same, why reinvent the wheel?, open these up to the other organizations - preservation also covers all three areas

We should think about other organizations that should be brought into this conversation (e.g. AIC, NAGARA, COSA, etc.)

Missing piece - disciplinary representation/liaison? - coalition of key disciplines - something like Heritage Preservtion? There used to be something called NICHE (?) - learned societies? - natural disciplines are art history, archaeology and anthropology, architecture

Advocacy role will be important in the next few mos. because of great changes in budgets

Linked Data Session reminder this coming Friday - hope to see you there! - a session was very well received @ ALA

Review of previous meeting sessions/ALA CALM Meeting

Gregor provided recap of ALA meeting - there was a lot of good discussion that went on - focus was on advocacy and education - came up w/ idea of creating ad hoc committees

Nick ? from AAM and Gregor discusses AAM not standing up to plate and he will work on it - also ability to attend all meetings virtually

ALA wiki is a little behind so we are hoping we CALM can get a presence on SAA Drupal site and migrate some of the ALA information there - ALA is interested in retiring the wikis as they have gone to a Drupal site as well

CALM general listserv for everyone to be involved with - there is a separate listserv for actual members of the committee - can anyone besides ALA provide the staff support for this listserv?

2013 Session Proposals

We would like to focus on advocacy

The higher you focus this the better - we're struggling with how to do this on a national level - a general session with 3 speakers informing grass roots membership on how to approach these issues - trying to involve membership - there has to be a joint message that the grass roots carries so that all of the organizations can get behind it - perhaps head of Wash office of ALA, someone from AAM to speak - Kathleen Roe would be excellent - council approved a new updated advocacy agenda - a series of targeted issue briefs will come out of that to provide s with the core information - we have 2 make a case that this is a part of infrastructure - get leadership form the three organizations on a panel together

One idea: bringing in the leadership to talk

Another idea: bringing in local level to know what archivists are doing and what they're advocating for

Would Archivists W/O Borders slot in here?

Common to all organizations = how do you deal with disaster? - Gregor talked about what is going on in MA with disaster recovery

Assessment as part of advocacy? Visitor's Studies Association (VSA), AAM does stats for museums, there is a library grp in Wash that does the same thing, there isn't that sort of thing for Archives/historical societies

Focusing on the educational aspect - how did you do this? Focus on institutions that have done it and done it well

It should be a little broader than case studies - you need to be of interest to all 3 constituencies

Go off initiatives sponsored by organizations?

October 5 is deadline for SAA submissions; August 24 deadline for AAM

Old Business

Follow up on IMLS 21st century skills project - focused on education, interested in bringing in cont'g educ proposals - focus on contining educ if you're thinking of applying to IMLS

IMLS update: new strategic plan available online which addresses goals: 3 most pertinent: education, bldg communities, stewardship of collections

Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCE) is an int'l undertaking of WIPO - a movement to protect specific types of cultural heritage generated by traditional cultures - want to protect these societies from exploitation - movement to create a treaty to do this - sticky issue is copyright and how does that apply to a society of people - how would this treaty affect our practice? - there is no real action happening at the organizational level at this moment.

New Business

Trying to get some real work done during the year thru establishment of Ad Hoc committees in education , advocacy, and program (review of charges) - size of group would be 2-3 members

Program committee would love to have all past programs put somewhere together to refer to


JLF-advocacy | Sarah-education | Jean-program

Other business

Research Forum - poster session by a grad student on possibility of creating a virtual collection - rltd. collections held at a number of institutions - would like to get all of the institutions in one room to get the things crosswalked - we may want to advocate for some kind of forum to discuss

Did the SAA standards committee send the EAC guidelines to the RBMS bib standards committee for their consideration and review? It wasn't because it was SAA's baby exclusively - SAA understands that but we should have been alerted that this is going on - this fell thru - the standard has been formally adopted at this point but there may be some revision - SAA should be involved.

Preservation and digital preservation - has the PARS (?) group ever had a liaison to CALM - a fact sheet about CALM and send to some units and invite them to have people attend our meetings - future opportunities for virtual meeting

Digital Public Library of America Project - one of the challenge is they are not a member of ALA - focus is now on cultural heritage materials - they had a working  group meeting on Monday - emphasis will be on cult heritage materials defined in two ways: content hubs (e.g. Hathi Trust) and also looking at service hubs (state or regional metadata aggregators) - metadata aggregation will be launched in April aggregating metadata from content hubs and service hubs and providing a minimal interface - encouraging people to bld diff interfaces thru the API - will also be developing a digitization program and go out and find materials that aren't being digitized - there is no collection strategy at this time -interest in including other content such as government/science data - keep this on your radar - you will be participating thru some sort of regional hub

Next meeting will be ALA midwinter in Seattle - please let Danielle know if you are interested in participating virtually          

Adjournment 10:58am








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