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Program Proposal for ALA Annual/Possible agenda item at Midwinter?

Hi all!I know everyone's gearing up for ALA MidWinter, so I hope you won't mind if I distract you a few minutes regarding an idea for a session at Annual, something that might be a good idea for the Diversity Council and/or CoD to help sponsor. Over the years, we've had a variety of diversity initiatives, PULSE (of which I was a part), SPECTRUM, ARL, residency fellowships, MIP, and a lot of other wonderful programs. Most of the sessions I have seen at conferences have featured some of these programs, often including participants and graduates of these initiatives.Usually, these sessions have only featured one or another individual diversity initiative. For JCLC last fall, some of us who are products of some of these programs proposed and presented a session titled "Getting Together to Go Forward: The Lessons of Diversity Inititiatives and How to Implement Them At Your Library." We discussed the programs in which we had participated, focusing on outcomes, and led break-out sessions in which participants could brainstorm and explore various strategies based on the outcomes of these and other programs that could be used on a smaller scale at other libraries, no matter how small, no matter how strapped in the current economic climate.The session went very well, and a lot of enthusiasm was generated for further discussions on how to implement the lessons of diversity initiatives. The feedback and evaluations were also very positive, and people especially appreciated the break-out sessions and the chance to hear a summary of all the points at the end of the session. Overall, it was a conversation and dialogue that people appreciated and want to see more of. I think that a similar program could be worthwhile to propose for ALA Annual this summer, and I'm hoping that the Council could be interested in being involved.I can send more information and thoughts later on, but I just wanted to get this idea out to you all, please let me know what you think.Have a safe trip to Midwinter, and hope it's a wonderful and very productive conference, take care!Louis Muñoz,REFORMA National Secretary and Representative to the Diversity Council