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Minutes - 2013 MidWinter Virtual Committee Meeting

ACRL EBSS ERIC Users Committee

MidWinter Virtual Meeting

Tuesday, December 18



Name of person submitting minutes:  Sara Holder

Members present: Sara Holder, Christopher Hollister, Arlene Salazar, Judy Walker, Mary Cassner, Carol Lunce;

Members excused: none

Guests: Erin Pollard (Institute of Education Sciences U. S. Department of Education), Ann Breitenwischer, Sarah Baker

Time and place convened: 3:00 pm EST @ conference call

Convener: Sara Holder


I. Welcome & Introductions

II. Approval of minutes from Annual 2012

Minutes were approved virtually via a poll on ALAConnect

II. Call for additions/revisions to the agenda

There were no additions/revisions.

III. Updates and overview of ongoing projects/goals

A. ERIC Update program & webinar

There will be no webinars for this year and no program at MW; the regular ERIC Update program is planned for Annual

1. Availability of CSC and DOE staff (Erin Pollard)

There has been a reduction in funding for travel. There will be no travel for fiscal year due to the adverse fiscal climate. There will be no webinars this year (maybe in the future). The goal for this year is to get as many docs as possible back up full-text on ERIC.

Erin will be at Annual w/someone from the Library of Ed. (no comment on who that will be). They will present at the ERIC Update program.

2. Planning for Annual 2013

Update program will be (likely) in the same day/time slot as in the past. Chair will be asking for volunteers to publicize the event once the schedule is set.

B. Proposal to expand committee mandate

1. Current mandate:

"Serves as a liaison group between the education community within ACRL/ALA and the Education Resources Information Center’s personnel and the Department of Education by keeping the education community informed of changes occurring with ERIC and the Department of Education and acting as an advocate for the education community by formally presenting concerns and issues to ERIC and the DOE."

The committee was originally put together to be a liaison to ERIC when the changes were being made and contract was originated with CSC. Past committee members had talked in about being more involved in ERIC, DOE, IES, Library of Ed., etc. but it was never formalized.

There was general agreement from committee members that expansion of the mandate would enable the committee to be more active.

Suggestions for projects: research forum at annual during which speakers talk about their research on educational topics (perhaps this is already being done?); create a toolkit for government education resources that would be useful for school librarians as well (teachers portions of government sites).

Suggested sites to check for duplication of this type of guide: GODORT and AASL.

IV. Other Business

ERIC online documents update: earlier this year every online document was brought down due to privacy concerns; 900 docs per week are being scanned (if they can be reliably scanned electronically) and going up if they are ok (if not they will take more time); there is a form available on the ERIC website to request that a particular documents be given priority; no exact time estimate but often the doc has been requested already (there are 30,000 in the queue) so it may be quite quick; requestor will not get alerted automatically (they can email Erin directly: erin.pollard@ed.gov) or email ERIC help; a list of cleared docs is posted on the website and updated every other week (on the main ERIC home page). There is no projection for completion of this process (Erin is not allowed to speak about that now - she will talk about it at the ERIC update in June).

Question: is it ok for a document to be out there in microfiche if it shouldn't be online? Good legal question - the docs that have been found to be in violation are not popular enough to warrant a recall of microfiche.

A. Reminder: ACRL Volunteer Form now available

Committee rotations available on EBSS ERIC Users site - if your term is up and you want to remain on the committee, fill out the form and volunteer again or you can volunteer for other committees.

V. Time adjourned: meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m. EST

Summary: Action Items

Send out a call for volunteers to check other ALA unit web pages for existence of similar guides to the one we might create (S. Holder)

Send out email to EBSS-L for suggestions of possible areas for our committee to expand into (S. Holder)

Send out email to EBSS-L re: location of list for cleared ERIC online docs (C. Hollister)