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VRT Membership Media Interests and Engagement Survey Results (Fall 2012) Report

VRT Membership Media Interests and Engagement (Fall 2012)

Survey Results Report Published - Feedback Welcome

This is an incredibly exciting time for media in libraries!  In response to the emergence of technology/digital media, evolving user practice, and changing media related library roles, and in response to a call for greater depth of media expertise within libraries, the Video Round Table sent out a survey in Fall 2012.  The goal of this survey is to capture the current media related roles, interests, skill set development needs and preferred methods for education and VRT outreach/engagement in order to help strategically position the group to better meet the needs of membership and beyond, while strengthening the active membership of the organization.  An additional goal is determining a topic for a possible partially grant subsidized VRT sponsored pre-conference event at ALA Annual 2014.

A discussion around the results of this report will take place at the ALA Midwinter 2013 Video Round Table Membership and Executive Board Meeting (OPEN to all) (Monday, January 28, 2013 - 8:30 - 11:30am - Jefferson Room (Sheraton Seattle Hotel)).  Individuals not attending the conference are also welcome to provide questions/feedback on this survey connected to this blog and/or directly to the chair, Scott Spicer (spic0016@um.edu).*  If you will be attending the meeting, please take a moment to review in order to contribute to an active discussion.  Additional opportunities for input may be available as members discuss the results of this survey on future directions.


Scott Spicer

Chair, ALA Video Round Table (VRT)

Note: Personal info. submitted in direct feedback or on this blog may be shared with members of the VRT Executive Committee.  Direct feedback will be anonymized in future public reports.