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James Rettig's picture

COO issues for 2013 Midwinter Meeting

COO members,

I have attached several documents for our meetings in Seattle.

The Annual Conference 2012 report appears to be the closest thing we have to minutes from the Anaheim AC.

"On the Committee Update" is a document in which I raise questions about the current Committee Information Update form, also attached.  I hope this is a catalyst for a productive discussion in Seattle.

The Committee Report record provides information how that form has been used, at least in relation to the 2012 Midwinter Meeting.


I am pleased to confirm that I will be in Seattle.  Late Friday I received a favorable ruling that my previously approved request to participate in the ALA Midwinter Meeting was exempt from a temporary travel ban for Navy employees.  The Navy is making contingency plans in case sequestration happens in late March and DoD has to absorb in a six-month period a 10% cut to its 12-month budget.

Jim Rettig

Joseph Eagan's picture


Thank you for your thought-provoking memo, On the Committee Update".   Committee communciation and transparency in ALA is obviously an important issue for ALA, as documented by the committee report record that you have compiled for MW 2012.  The current system of Council-committee communication is not working well.

Another issue is the archival record of a  committee's work.  Committee reports to Council become a part of the Council minutes and are all permanently archived in electronic (and paper?) form as Council documents.  My perusal of some committee web pages indicates an inconsistent and incomplete record of their work in recent years.  

I look forward to our discussions in Seattle this weekend.



Teri Switzer's picture

Thank you, Jim, for the the update.  Even though we are discussing the committee reports, etc.  I need to get this off my chest :-) ---- I am surprised there are so many committees that did not submit a committee report.  We are library people, after all.  Organization and anal retentiveness are our first and middle names.  On the other hand, when I was a committee chair, I did not like the report form.  I would have much rather submitted the committee minutes.  Something for us to consider.

Safe travels, Everyone, and see you soon!

Teri Switzer

Teri R. Switzer, Ph.D.

Dean, Kraemer Family Library, UCCS