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Shawn Vaillancourt's picture

Program Planning Committee Report 2013 Midwinter

The Program Planning Committee has been busy getting another great set of programs together for this year’s Annual Conference in Chicago.

We have 2 programs submitted to ALA and are awaiting approval of our time slots.

The first program is on outreach to homeless LGBT youth. The committee has been working with Julie Ann Winkelstein, who has done a lot of work on this topic in her Doctoral studies, to put together a compelling program. The committee has also managed to confirm speakers from the True Colors Fund and are working with them to secure some additional speakers.

Our second program is on workplace discrimination for GLBT library employees. We’ve reached out to Out and Equal and Lambda Legal for possible speakers and hope to have our lineup settled soon.

We’ve also been in touch with Paolo Gujilde about their program “Pushing the Boundaries: Presentation and Representation of LGBTQ Members of/by Asian/Pacific American Writers, Authors, and Scholars”  They have settled the final details of the program and so all we’ve got to do now is help them promote it as co sponsors of the program.

Possibilities for 2014 include:

  • Handling book challenges - based on the issues that have come up and the upcoming discussion at Midwinter surrounding this issue, a full program would likely be of wide interest
  • Equipping libraries to deal with transphobia
  • LGBTQ Graphic Novels

Of course, these are tenative ideas and we're always open to other ideas and suggestions so do feel free to share!

Shawn Vaillancourt
Program Planning Committee Chair