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Mary Ellen Davis's picture

ACRL IMLS Grant partner opportunity for salary survey

Dear Board members,

ACRL has an opportunity to partner on another IMLS Grant. I have reviewed the idea with the Presidents who supported the idea and asked that I share it with you. Because time is so short. I am posting this for discussion today, and will start the on Monday, closing it on Wednesday. I have attached the Board action form and grant abstract.

Please review and post your comments here. Let me know if you have any questions.



Mary Ellen


Mary Ellen K. Davis

ACRL Executive Director

Steven Bell's picture

When we first heard Mary Ellen share information about this IMLS grant proposal it wasn't clear at first if it was just another salary survey or something more. But it is something more. This project has the potential to yield valuable data about career paths and opportunties in academic librarianship. It could be beneficial to our members to have this information. 

We also need to think strategically about our relationship with ARL as we tend to be operating with greater frequency in the same space - note this isn't just a survey about ARL librarians - but all academic librarians. If we can leverage their resources (as they may want from us) to benefit our members that can be a good thing.

So I support our participation in the grant proposal.


Steven Bell Associate University Librarian Temple University bells@temple.edu http://stevenbell.info

Joyce Ogburn's picture

I echo Steven's comments. This is an important opportunity for ACRL to participate in a very broadly conceived study of the staffing patterns of many types of academic libraries. The information we glean should be relective of the drastic changes that have been taking place. Mary Ellen has nicely positioned us to take advantage of and influence the study,


ACRL President 2011-12

Trevor Dawes's picture

I think Steven and Joyce have captured the discussion we had and I am also believe we should support this project. 



Trevor A. Dawes

Ann Campion Riley's picture

Yes, I agree. The project definitely merits our support.


Ann Campion Riley
University of Missouri 
Rileyac@ Missouri.edu

On Jan 17, 2013, at 19:08, "ALA Connect" connect@ala.org> wrote:

Mark Emmons's picture

Yes, Stanley Wilder's demographic studies have become standard tools for librarians.

Mark Emmons

University of New Mexico

Associate Dean of Public Services

Julie Garrison's picture

I support this as well. My only wish is that the scope also included a review of whether newer professionals are leaving the library field at a higher rate than previous generations of librarians.