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Meeting time and location

I neglected to include the time and location for the DG meeting at midwinter on this list, so I'll repeat the general appeal sent to the ALA list:

Do you have questions you need answered about organizational development at your library? Do you have some experience in this area to share with others?

The LLAMA-LOMS Organizational Development Discussion Group encourages you to join us at Midwinter to discuss what makes OD work at your library:

How do you start an OD program?

What makes up such a program?

What resources help make the program sustainable?

Where can you find champions for your program?

What followu-up activities should happen after conducting an organizational assessment?


If you want the answers to these and other questions or can help to answer them, come and share your experience and/or to gain from the experience of others!

We will convene in Room 303 of the Washington State Convention Center from 4:00-5:30pm on Saturday, January 26, 2013. See you there!