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Cindi Blyberg's picture

LITA Town Meeting at #alamw20113

Hey all,

Midwinter is next week (eep!) and one of our usual Midwinter activities is to host LITA members at our Town Meeting, which is on Monday from 8:30 to 10 in TCC 302.  Here is what I am thinking for agenda and activities.

Please note that I am asking for tech help and facilitators, as noted below.  Sign up, please! :)  

Non-Board LITA members reading this open post--if you'd like to facilitate or offer tech help, please do! Add a comment, tweet/IM/email your nearest board member, what-have-you.

None of this is set in stone; if you think any of it is stupid or destined to come off the rails, speak up.  I expect and value input from each of you.  I'd like to make this the first step toward "Rebuilding/Reimagining LITA," to spring off ALA President Maureen Sullivan's "Reimagining ALA" initiative.  As Maureen did at the Joint ALA Boards meeting in October, we will start off with a brief brainstorming of the things that are awesome about LITA (and therefore should be kept or enhanced).  I hope that this activity is a gateway to the blue-sky dreaming we'll do after.

I'm doing this as an online doc so we can tweak the following sections as needed. :)


  • Breakfast 8:30 - just before 9.
  • Introduction (membership & financial trends, Reimagining ALA) - Cindi (10 m) (Zoe, do you want to say anything?)
  • Appreciative Inquiry - all (10 m) 
  • Reimagining LITA activity: (30 m) 
  • Reimagining reporting (10m)
  • Closing (summary, announcement of followup activities) (5 m) - Cindi

Tech/Virtual participation

  • Audio will be streamed and recorded.  This will be fine for the intro and reporting parts. Not so much for table discussions.  Do you all think we should try to stream two or three table discussions, like we did last year?  Folks seemed to appreciate the opportunity to participate, but I also seem to remember that audio in the noisy room was hard to hear.
  • Ideas during the Appreciative Inquiry and Reimagining activities will be recorded in Google Docs - anyone in or outside of the room can add.
  • Tweets to be tagged with #litatm; I'll need your help getting the word out beforehand and will appreciate your frequent tweeting during and after. :)
  • Chat will be in IRC (#litatm). UStream chat tends to bork, and not everyone who might want to chat necessarily wants to have the stream open (also, bandwidth issues with that).

Volunteers needed (this means YOU. Please add your name below or in a comment.)

  • someone to mind the projection and the IRC channel we'll be projecting. (Coral Sheldon-Hess)
  • someone to set up and mind the streaming.  I will bring Snow Ball mic and laptop.
  • If we'll be streaming table discussions, laptops/mics/volunteers for those: 2 or 3. (laptop: Abigail Goben; Mic/camera: David Lee King, Jason Griffey)
  • Appreciative Inquiry activity - two recorders (one flip chart, one GDoc)
  • Reimagining: one facilitator per table/group (8); one recorder per table/group (day-of is fine, but board members, please bring your laptops just in case) (is it possible to edit a shared gdoc on an iPad? if so, they are welcome too)
  • Reimagining reporting: one reporter for each table/group (day-of volunteers; recorder to summarize in GDoc)
  • IRC: someone to set up and write/post instructions for #litatm channel
  • EVERYONE please tweet before, during and after.

Ready? Go!


Coral Sheldon-Hess (non-member)'s picture

I've run tech for a conference before. I can watch a projector. And IRC. 



Cindi Blyberg's picture

Thank you, Coral!

Cindi Blyberg's picture

It occurs to me that we might need to stream audio from a different computer than the one projecting and minding the IRC channel.  Will you have one, or should I voluntell one of my board colleagues to bring one? :)

Coral Sheldon-Hess (non-member)'s picture

I'll have an iPad with a keyboard and VGA-out. 

I didn't bring my iPad to work today, so I can't test out any IRC apps on it right this second. But I'll test it tonight and reply again, to let you know if it works. My VGA connector is new, too, but I can test that at the same time.

Assuming that works, I can run the projector and IRC from there. You probably will want another machine for the audio stream, though. I don't trust the iPad to multitask that way.

(Btw, "voluntell" is my new favorite word.) 




Andromeda Yelton's picture

I've used IRC from an iPad before (I think the app was Monal), so I can confirm that it works.  However, it did drop the connection every time I backgrounded it, so you'd either want to single-task that, or dig to see if you can find other apps (I'm unclear enough on how the iPad handles backgrounding that I don't know if this will work).

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018

Cindi Blyberg's picture

I pictured dividing the screen and showing IRC on half and the Google doc on half.  But I'm not sure that'd be useful, anyway.  A fellow board member offered to bring another projector--I'll investigate that, too.

(A former co-worker spoke of getting "voluntold" in the military. It's my favorite new word, too!)

Coral Sheldon-Hess (non-member)'s picture

I'll have the iPad, ready to do IRC on the projector. But if someone has a laptop and wants to do split-screen between Google Doc & IRC, I can man that laptop and a projector, instead. 

Whatever works. :) 



David King's picture

I can bring a USB mic and a separate usb webcam if needed!

Abigail Goben's picture

I'll drag myself out early.  I will have a laptop with me in Seattle if you need me to haul it along. As long as there are power strips :) 


Cindi Blyberg's picture

Glad you'll be there!  As for power strips, there *should* be, but I will doublecheck. Else we'll all be huddling around that one outlet in the back. Thanks for the nudge.

Cindi Blyberg's picture

We'll probably need elecricity for about an hour, and this session is first thing, so there won't be any power strips on the tables.  There will likely be at least one wall outlet, but I've also seen conference center rooms without any.

Evviva Weinraub's picture

I can take flip chart notes for the Appreciative Inquiry activity.