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Presentation Facilitated Discussion

Short presentations are used to spark small group discussion.


1. Topics and presenters are identified before the meeting. Questions the facilitator can use for discussion should also be identified and documented before the session.

2. The room should include multiple tables (preferably round). Discussions are best when the table has 4-8 people at each table. You can assign a facilitator for each table ahead of time or ask each table to select their own.

3. First group of speaker(s) present their presentation(s) on a similar topic to the larger group. It is best of the presentations last no longer than 20 minutes.

4. It is then time for group discussion. Discussion should be at least as long as the presentations that are being discussed. Questions for discussion should be distributed to each table. Each table can deviate from the questions but are available if initial conversation lags. Each table should identify a facilitator (facilitator can also be predetermined before the session), recorder and a time-keeper. The group then discusses the topic for a specific amount of time. Ideas should be captured on paper, sticky notes, online, etc. The recorder can either be the facilitator, another person identified in the group or each person can be responsible for documenting their own idea.

5. Debrief. Someone from each table summarizes what was discussed at their topic during all of the rounds to the everyone in the room. Each table should be given 3-4 minutes.

6. Repeat