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Mary Ellen Davis's picture

ACRL Board pre-vote discussion on partnership with U Tenn on IMLS grant, Jan. 10-15, 2013

Dear Board members,

In order to meet the University of Tennessee's deadlines for their IMLS grant proposal I learned today that we must take action on approving ACRL becoming a partner in the grant prior to our Midwinter Meeting. Thus I am starting a pre-vote discussion today, will start the vote next week, and close voting on Friday, January 18th. 

The opportunity to participate in this IMLS grant would help ACRL address one of the objectives in ACRL’s Plan for Excellence to “enhance members’ ability to address issues related to digital scholarship and data management.” 

Please review the attached Board action form and abstract for the grant and add your comments in Connect. 


Mary Ellen

Joyce Ogburn's picture

Looks very interesting and fits our goals. More work needs to be done in this area and ACRL should be involved. Carol has a strong history of recieving grants and conducting meaningful research, making this an attractive project for partnering.


ACRL President 2011-12

Steven Bell's picture

This project looks like a good fit with our strategic plan and value initiative. Carol Tenopir is a top notch researcher, so I think we could feel secure entering into a partnership with her team. This could be a good opportunity for us to support an important research project, and perhaps create some new possibilities for our members.


Steven Bell Associate University Librarian Temple University bells@temple.edu http://stevenbell.info

Lisabeth Chabot's picture

I agree for the reasons stated by Steven.

Mark Emmons's picture

I fully support ACRL partnering in this IMLS grant, as it addresses one aspect of the ACRL’s Plan for Excellence which had so far been neglected: data management.

Mark Emmons

University of New Mexico

Associate Dean of Public Services

Cynthia Steinhoff's picture

This project is most definitely a good fit with the ACRL Value project.  We should support it.


Trevor Dawes's picture

I, too, agree that this project fits with ACRL's goal and should be supported by ACRL.



Trevor A. Dawes