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Update from the Communities of Practice Implementation Task Force

Dear Communities of Practice Leaders,

ACRL’s Communities of Practice Implementation Task Force has continued its work since last summer. I know members of the task force have had conversations with leaders of those sections whose membership falls below 400. The Task Force has considered your input and continued the work of developing implementation plans.

The Task Force will provide a report to the ACRL Board at Midwinter and ACRL President Steven Bell will briefly give an update on the Task Force’s work at the ACRL Leadership Council.

I have attached to this post the latest FAQ about the changes the Task Force is recommending.  Please review the FAQ and let me, Steven, or Lis Chabot, chair of the Task Force, know if you have any questions or comments.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the ACRL Networking Session and Leadership Council in Seattle.

Mary Ellen


Mary Ellen K. Davis

ACRL Executive Director