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Transcript of Midwinter Virtual Meeting - January 9, 2013, 12:30 - 1:35 CST

Here's a transcript of our meeting. Thanks to those who attended. It was a good discussion and I look forward to working with you. 



Megan Griffin:This meeting will begin at 12:30 p.m. CST
>  Sue W.:Hmm, can't you hear me?
>  Sue W.:I'll try my audio check
>  Sue W.:can't hear me, eh?
>  Megan Griffin:Laura, can you hear Sue?  I cannot.
>  Megan Griffin:Sue, in your audio check, did it record you?
>  Sue W.:yes
>  Megan Griffin:Hi Laura, can you try speaking to see if we can hear you?
>  Megan Griffin:Karen and Laura, can you hear Sue?
>  Sue W.:Am I the only one without sound?
>  Sue W.:I had sound before but once I did my audio check it stopped
>  Megan Griffin:a couple things to try: go into your computer settings
>under sound/audio and be sure both your input and output is set to your
>  Megan Griffin:or try plugging your usb into another usb port
>  Megan Griffin:next thing to try: leave the session and log back on
>  Megan Griffin:be sure you're in Firefox
>  Sue W.:I'll try to leave and come back. Yes, I made sure to be in
>  Karen Hartman:I thought I heard Sue, but softly
>  Megan Griffin:Karen, can you speak?
>  Karen Hartman:I do not think it is working.  I tried to work through
>the set-up, but got hung up on testing to record.  Suggetions?
>  Karen Hartman:Just heard Sue!
>  Karen Hartman:Yes, but trying to get my mike to work.
>  Laura Koltutsky:I can hear you too Sue
>  Diana Mitrano:yes
>  Sue W.:http://goo.gl/q9PSV
>  Necia:hello! I used to be a member and decided I'd try to attend.
>  Necia:Necia Parker-Gibson, University of Arkansas. I do Social Work,
>Sociology, psyc, and a bunch more.
>  Diana Mitrano:LIU Brooklyn, Cataloger, Education MS
>  Karen Hartman:Hi-Karen-I am a member of the committee and I am the
>liaison at Rutgers University
>  Laura Koltutsky:Hi I am Laura Koltutsky and I am a social sciences
>librarian at the University of Calgary, Canada
>  Kimberly Pendell:Hello, I am Kimberly Pendell, Social Work and Scoial
>Sciences Librarian at Portland State University
>  Karen Hartman:It was called Practice Wise-sorry, still working on my
>  Karen Hartman:I was there.  what technically is the difference between
>the two?
>  Necia:committees archive minutes, and may have a budget.
>  Karen Hartman:We would then lose our web prescence on the EBSS site,
>  Necia:yes, that's another -- I think there is the expectation of output.
>  Kimberly Pendell:I am not a member of the committee, but have
>volunteered to be...
>  Kimberly Pendell:I think losing the website wouldn't be great.
>  Karen Hartman:I think some of this discussion came out of a concern
>about the number of members-we are a very small committee, relatively.  I
>am also coming up against the four year limit on membership again.  I
>would attend anyway, but that is a problem.
>  Kimberly Pendell:I think there is valuable information there.
>  Kimberly Pendell:Yes, I can see that too.
>  Necia:when I was a member, it was hard to get much attendance at
>  Necia:that is, a quorum at meetings
>  Kimberly Pendell:I am one of those thrown into the role!
>  Laura Koltutsky:I wouldn't receive travel funding to attend discussion
>meetings rather than committee meetings.  Little concerned about that on
>a personal level
>  Roberta Astroff:Hi, Roberta Astroff, from Univ. of Texas at San Antonio
>here.  Unfortunately I cannot hear more than a tiny murmur, so will
>depend on the chat.
>  Laura Koltutsky:I always appreciated the discussion at the committee
>  Roberta Astroff:I can hear!
>  Kimberly Pendell:For me, a primary interest right now is how to
>integrate instruction with the CWSE EPAS--that seems like a good topic
>for discussion.
>  Kimberly Pendell:I haven't attended a discussion group meeting, so I'm
>not sure of all the differences.
>  Roberta Astroff:Yes, I can hear you.
>  Karen Hartman:I would prefer to remain a committee.
>  Roberta Astroff:I do get funding to attend discussion groups.  And I
>found the discussion last time about the group at the Social Work
>conference very helpful.
>  Roberta Astroff:That sounds good.  I imagine it will be a long process.
>  Kimberly Pendell:agreed
>  Karen Hartman:And perhaps get some leniency re: membership, for more
>than the limit, etc.
>  Kimberly Pendell:I should say though that I am unable to go to ALA
>Annual this year.
>  Kimberly Pendell:I think allowing for virtual committee meetings is
>  Roberta Astroff:Being able to drop into meetings does encourage new
>members, I think.
>  Kimberly Pendell:Are there rules that there must be an in-person
>meeting at each Annual?
>  Sara Memmott:Hi, I'm Sara Memmott, Social Work librarian at Eastern
>Mich Univ.  I'm not a member of the committee, attending out of interest
>in the topic. And I'm also one of hte EBSS web site editors
>  Diana Mitrano:Apologies,  I need to go now.
>  Diana Mitrano:thanks
>  Roberta Astroff:I like the idea of pushing ALA to accept more virtual
>meetings, in place of attendance, given 1) funding issues, and 2) so many
>conferences people do have to attend.
>  Necia:I agree with Roberta.
>  Necia:I would agree that there is a niche, if they are updated.
>  Sara Memmott:here's a link to selectors toolbox:
>  Laura Koltutsky:I referred a colleague to it when she started.  She
>found it helpful even with it needing updates.
>  Roberta Astroff:Agreed
>  Laura Koltutsky:I would be willing to work on it.
>  Karen Hartman:I was one of the original authors (video section) and I
>think working through google docs is a good idea.  We may be able to
>narrow down the topics a bit, add some, e.g., open access sources and
>issues, etc.
>  Laura Koltutsky:yes
>  Karen Hartman:Yes
>  Necia:sorry, called out, have to go. Thanks, all.
>  Kimberly Pendell:yes, I think resources by topic might be helpful, as
>opposed to format.
>  Laura Koltutsky:Goodbye Necia
>  Kimberly Pendell:for example, I would like to build up our collection
>in social justice
>  Laura Koltutsky:Yes, I agree, by topic might be more helpful
>  Kimberly Pendell:really anything of good quality
>  Kimberly Pendell:as an example
>  Kimberly Pendell:and open access is a very big issue in my opinion,
>considering so many social workers end up in work environments with very
>limited access to journals, etc.
>  Sara Memmott:I would be willing to help
>  Karen Hartman:I am happy to do so.
>  Kimberly Pendell:I would be willing to help
>  Laura Koltutsky:I would be happy to help, I think that we should have
>  Kimberly Pendell:i have been building a guide of open access here at
>portland state
>  Laura Koltutsky:That is to split up the sections today?
>  Karen Hartman:I would be happy to work on statistics, data, and tests.
>But I also wonder if we could discuss more about the topics.  The
>evaluating collections page is nice, but frankly, couldn't someone just
>search the literature for this?
>  Laura Koltutsky:I like the idea of creating one document in Google Docs
>  Sara Memmott:I agree that sticking to the subject-specific info is more
>  Kimberly Pendell:I guess I tend to think more in topic area than
>format, but changing that around would be a lot of work.
>  Laura Koltutsky:I think that there should be something about
>collections, its more a question of how to sort that out.
>  Roberta Astroff:One issue I need help with is data sets.  It is not
>clear heere who would host them, and it would help to hear how various
>places are dealing with that.
>  Karen Hartman:Journals, statistics/data, tests/measures seems to come
>up constantly.
>  Kimberly Pendell:I do that too.
>  Kimberly Pendell:(Look at others guides)
>  Kimberly Pendell:The sustainability of these lists are always an issue
>  Sara Memmott:might be this:
>  Karen Hartman:And open access.  This is more a topic, than format, but
>maybe a section that links to good libguides (such as Sue's) on resources
>for graduates of social work schools..alumni!
>  Kimberly Pendell:Karen, could you send a link to that guide?
>  Roberta Astroff:I think Karen's point is very important about resources
>for alumni who are now working in the field
>  Kimberly Pendell:if you have it handy
>  Karen Hartman:Sue, how about the link for your guide?
>  Kimberly Pendell:this is my draft guide:
>  Laura Koltutsky:I think that makes sense
>  Kimberly Pendell:agreed
>  Sara Memmott:sounds good
>  Laura Koltutsky:I can do journals
>  Karen Hartman:I can do statistics/data
>  Kimberly Pendell:I could do open access
>  Kimberly Pendell:May I be on the commitee? :)
>  Kimberly Pendell:thanks!
>  Sara Memmott:I'll work on whatever is left.
>  Karen Hartman:Lucky you!  Michigan has money!
>  Karen Hartman:I saw a demo here...hope they are building it up more.
>  Sara Memmott:I'll do tests and measures.
>  Laura Koltutsky:Cool!  I always appreciate having specific tasks
>  Karen Hartman:Sue, how about you and I doing statistics/data together?
>Or I can do it alone with your input.
>  Kimberly Pendell:If people could also say on the doc what they think
>the scope should be, that would be helpfu.
>  Kimberly Pendell:helpful
>  Karen Hartman:Let me give it a start, and then you can supply input.
>  Karen Hartman:The human resource directory and the webliography?
>  Karen Hartman:No, I think we should archive them.
>  Laura Koltutsky:No, I think that keeping some record would be helpful
>but it doesn't need to remain.
>  Roberta Astroff:I will be there.
>  Kimberly Pendell:i will be there
>  Sara Memmott:I'm not able to go to ACRL
>  Laura Koltutsky:No sadly not
>  Laura Koltutsky:It would be interesting but it would depend on
>  Sara Memmott:Same as Laura
>  Laura Koltutsky:Friday night?
>  Karen Hartman:Yes, scheduling.  If we meet again on sunday, after the
>  Laura Koltutsky:That might work
>  Laura Koltutsky:quick question
>  Laura Koltutsky:why is our meeting on a different day than most EBSS
>  Laura Koltutsky:not asking for a change, just curious
>  Karen Hartman:I do not know the history, and yes probably trying to
>accomodate people who served on more than one committee.
>  Laura Koltutsky:Okay, thanks
>  Laura Koltutsky:How many of you are dealing with interdisciplinary
>programs or doctorates.
>  Kimberly Pendell:My school is moving to the 2008 EPAS
>  Kimberly Pendell:so I am trying to figure out how to support the
>practice behaviors/competencies.
>  Kimberly Pendell:We have public health/social work dual degree
>  Roberta Astroff:WE are moving toward more hybrid local-distance courses.
>  Kimberly Pendell:I wish I could get onto the curriculum
>committee...good news about his response
>  Karen Hartman:So are we....hybrid, online, etc.
>  Kimberly Pendell:We have distance option, and connecting with those
>students is a challenge.
>  Karen Hartman:Also, certificate programs within the master's program,
>e.g., addictions, gerontology, etc.
>  Kimberly Pendell:I have been building more instructional elements into
>my guides.
>  Roberta Astroff:I would like to do that to support the hybrid classes,
>so am working on changing the focus of my lib guides.
>  Sara Memmott:I've been struggling with how best to provide instruction
>for online courses.  Our program is just beginning to offer some online
>  Kimberly Pendell:Also, if anyone know the best way to approach policy
>research, I'd love to know!
>  Kimberly Pendell:I struggle with it every year.
>  Roberta Astroff:The instructors need a lot of information about how
>their students can access resources.
>  Sara Memmott:So far I have worked with an instructor to adapt
>assignments, and provided some video demos and other instructional
>materials on a libguide
>  Laura Koltutsky:We have many distance education students and it is
>challenging to present information to these people with varying levels of
>connectivitiy and IT competencies.
>  Kimberly Pendell:Sara, would love to see your guide
>  Karen Hartman:Yes, policy is difficult, because it is never a direct
>route.  I have developed lib guides for specific classes, but I am
>constantly revising, etc.
>  Roberta Astroff:Sara, me too please.  Would like to see your libguide
>for distance students.
>  Kimberly Pendell:I would like to do video consults, but many of our
>distance students don't have very strong technology skills
>  Kimberly Pendell:(they meet in person, they are not online)
>  Sara Memmott:I actually don't have the online class guide up right now,
>but it's similar to this one for the in-person section:
>  Kimberly Pendell:a lot of returning students
>  Laura Koltutsky:Skype occasionally but mostly just use the phone
>  Kimberly Pendell:open access for practicing social workers is also of
>interest for me, and I've been pursuing it as part of my research agenda
>  Kimberly Pendell:I think I might have emailed with her once
>  Karen Hartman:This is a different issue entirely, but we are the only
>program in the country that has classes on all three of our campuses (New
>Brunswick, Newark, Camden) and I have been trying to build more of an
>ebook collection, as we can only buy 1 print copy usually,eetc.   Any
>input on ebooks, discussion would be great.
>  Kimberly Pendell:agree with ebooks
>  Roberta Astroff:Part of the changes I am making in my Libguides, in
>part to deal with distance classes and other classes that cannot meet
>with me in person, is to start off with discussions of research (basic
>definitions, etc) and thenprovide pathways to research.  But I am now
>focusing on the meaning of doing research, since so many of our SW
>students are returnees after years out of school.
>  Kimberly Pendell:anything reference-y I try to get in ebook
>  Kimberly Pendell:but can get very expensive
>  Kimberly Pendell:Can we lobby APA to have an ebook version of the style
>  Roberta Astroff:Karen, our primary preference in collections now,
>across disciplines, is for e-books, in part for the same reason -- we
>have two campuses plus distance courses.
>  Kimberly Pendell::)
>  Karen Hartman:Perhaps we can discuss more in-person!  And yes, happy to
>talk about the open access initiative at RU.
>  Kimberly Pendell:yes, I use purdue
>  Roberta Astroff:Yes, we use OWL all the time.
>  Karen Hartman:Yes, please do capture the comments!
>  Roberta Astroff:Yes, please send us a transcript of this discussion!
>  Karen Hartman:This has been great, Sue.
>  Laura Koltutsky:Thanks Sue
>  Sara Memmott:Thanks for organizing the meeting, Sue!
>  Kimberly Pendell:Oh, and EBP would be something I would like to discuss
>in the future.
>  Kimberly Pendell:Thank you! Thanks for having me as a guest.
>  Kimberly Pendell:Yes,
>  Kimberly Pendell:and ACRL
>  Kimberly Pendell:I am in EBSS too
>  Laura Koltutsky:Yes, I am on ALA Connect
>  Karen Hartman:Yup.
>  Kimberly Pendell:yes
>  Roberta Astroff:I will have to check.
>  Sara Memmott:yes
>  Karen Hartman:Happy New Year all.
>  Roberta Astroff:Thanks Sue!
>  Laura Koltutsky:You too
>  Sara Memmott:Bye!
>  Kimberly Pendell:Bye!
>  Laura Koltutsky:Bye
>  Sue W.:Great having everyone join the group, thanks!
>  Sue W.:Bye
>  Karen Hartman:Bye