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LLAMA Pre-Midwinter Virtual Board Meeting

Please see attached documents for tomorrow's virtual meeting.

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Sorry I could not participate in the meeting.  upon reading the AOP, I see the only reference to PRMS is Kim Terry named as PRMS rep in "Pilot joint LLAMA/UFL Discussion Group."  I would like to add my name as PRMS rep under the 1st goal, key strategy 3 "Plan joint LLAMA UFL preconference".  The UFL rep should also be named.

Under Key Strategy 7, "Increase Viability and visibility of LLAMA's award and recognition programs" I would like to add wording about continued JCD success.  How about "Award Presentation Program with attendance at least 100 and associated program about JCD award recipiants with attendance at least 40 and favorable evaluation, both at Annual 2013." (?)   The who will be PRMS JCD committee.  There should also be something on PRXchange but I need to ask Sally and Therese what theur measurement for success would be.