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Copy Cataloging Interest Group

Saturday, January 26, 2013
8:30 am to 10:00 am, US/Pacific

--Angela Kinney, Chief, African, Latin American & Western European Division, Library of Congress will provide a report from the Library of Congress followed by:

--Deborah Fritz,* presenting:  RIMMF: RDA Minus MARC

What will copy cataloging look like in a world without MARC?

Working under the assumption that we will still do some type of cataloging in the new non-MARC environment, this presentation will illustrate how similar and yet different our procedures might be, using RIMMF to show how we might do searching, matching, and editing for a set of non-MARC 'records' for a resource.

RIMMF is a prototype of how RDA-based software might work, minus MARC or any other underlying encoding format, hence its name "RDA in Many Metadata Formats". TMQ (quietly) released RIMMF in April 2012 (under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License<>< />).

RIMMF is designed to be:
    * a visualization tool for catalogers and system designers, to help them to get used to thinking RDA, instead of thinking AACR/MARC
    * a cataloging training tool, to help educators teach RDA thinking

RIMMF is not a 'real' cataloging tool, because, although you can use it to create and save data, it does not allow you to save records that you can actually use in an ILS. It does, however, let you apply RDA thinking to metadata creation.

Using RIMMF, you can practice copying, cloning, and creating WEMI and PFC data; and, using it, you might just possibly get an idea of how much the RDA/FRBR way of thinking will change the way we do cataloging.

See the RIMMF wiki<> and RIMMF Notes<>< /> for more details about RIMMF< />

* Deborah Fritz has specialized in cataloging, and teaching cataloging for the past 24 years. She is the author of two cataloging books published by ALA Editions; and has been teaching cataloging workshops around the U.S. and internationally, since 1988. She and Richard Fritz operate a cataloging training, and software company called "The MARC of Quality" aka TMQ Inc. Instead of writing another cataloging book about RDA, she and Richard have decided to focus on figuring out what is necessary to design software that could help catalogers to work with RDA. The RIMMF software she will show you is a first step in that direction, but she wants to assure you that there is MUCH more that can be done by real 'cataloging' software, to simplify the 'cataloging' process, once RDA really takes hold.