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Charles Stewart's picture

DRAFT AGENDA--ALA Mid-Winter Conference

Hello Survey Board and Happy New Year.  Below is a draft agenda for our upcoming meeting.  I have already heard some of our members cannot make it.  If you plan to attend, kindly say so.  Thanks!

Chip Stewart


ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey Editorial  Board



ALA Mid-Winter  Conference-- Seattle, Sunday, January 27th,  8:30-10:00  

Westin Hotel, Westlake--Pine Room

Chair, Chip Stewart;  Vice-Chair, Chestalene Pintozzi


Welcome, minutes-taker, introductions, new members

ACRL developments—ACRL Leadership Council; Publications Coordinating Committee

NCES ALS developments, per Advisory Council Meeting, Friday, January 25th

ACRL FY12 survey status—comments, observations

ACRL FY13 plans—supplemental and trends questions

--suggestions from the committee:  Jane, Chestalene, Ted, Robert, Ellen

--previous trends questions

--2012 top ten trends in academic libraries, Coll. res. libr. news June 2012 73:311-320

--ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee Environmental Scan 2012, expected April 2013

--other ideas:  listservs, mobile devices, technology, cafes in libraries, etc.

ACRL Conference April 2013—one session on library statistics

Other business--Z39.7

Charles Stewart's picture

So far I understand that Mary Jane, Chestalene, and I will be attending.  Are there any others?


Thank you.  Chip

Joshua Petrusa's picture

Chip, Yes, I will be there - It was a crazy Fall semester for me, so my apologies that I haven't been more visible, but I am looking forward to getting more involved in the committee's actvities.

Josh Petrusa

Jane Carvajal's picture

I think I mentioned before that I would not be there.  I could be there virtually if someone there arranges it.  I can do skype or Google Hangout


Jane Carvajal
Director of Library Service
DeVry University Arlington VA

Maria Kessler McShane's picture

I will not be attending. Maria

Ellen Safley's picture

Dear Chip,

I will be able to attend this.  If there is a specific project that the group needs help with, I am always willing to help.


Ellen Safley, MLS, PhD

Director of Libraries

800 W Campbell Road, MC33

Richardson, TX 75080

Phone: 972-883-2916 | Fax: 972-883-2473


The University of Texas at Dallas

om: ALA Connect [mailto:connect@ala.org]

Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2013 2:38 PM

To: Safley, Ellen

Subject: [ALA Connect] DRAFT AGENDA--ALA Mid-Winter Conference (new) - ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey Editorial Board (Association of College & Research Libraries)

Kimmetha Herndon's picture



I will not be able to attend in person.  Will anyone be assisting with virtual participation?


Kim Herndon

Kimmetha Herndon

Mary Jane Petrowski (staff)'s picture


There is no wireless provided in the Westin Seattle where this meeting is scheduled. ALA doesn't provided support for virtual meetings, but any member of the committee is welcome to to personally pay for connectivity. The committee has a budget of $150 for the year, so not sure that would be enough to reimburse a committee member for 2 hours of wireless at the Westin. If someone brings a tablet with wireless, they might be able to skype/face time you in.

Mary Jane

Charles Stewart's picture

There are several issues surfacing regarding remote participation.  Currently, one of our members, Josh Petrusa is trying to make this happen thru Google Hangout.  Assuming the technology and connectivity and room conditions are ok, all he needs from remote participants is a Google email account.

There are no promises that this will work.  This is an ogoing experiment.

If you want to join the experiment, please email  Josh Petrusa with your Google email address.  And then log on Sunday, January 27th at 8:15 Pacific time to test this out.  You will need audio at the  minimum, but video is supported--again, depending on the speeds and bandwidth that may or may not be able to achieve.

Thanks for your patience as we try to work something out for those who cannot attend.  In the meantime, if you have comments on the agenda, consider posting them on this list.

I hope to see some of you in Seattle, and perhaps hear others!  Chip

Charles Stewart's picture

Thanks to Chestalene, I have attached draft minutes of our Mid-Winter meeting.  Chip

Mary Jane Petrowski (staff)'s picture

I've used track changes in Word to insert some comments and clarifications.