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Conference call minutes from DCWG#1 Business Models - January 4, 2013

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CLOCKSS and Portico are viable options for preservation of e-books. Because I'm on the advisory board, I know that CLOCKSS is actively engaged in discussions with publishers.

Lauren Corbett

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Hi Lauren:


Thanks for contacting us with this information.  We would like to look into these possibilities.  My first question is whether CLOCKSS and Portico are focusing on academic publications.  Our group is interested in any group working with trade publishers on ebook preservation.  Generally, public libraries have not been engaged in preservation of trade books, but now this has become a concern because preservation is generally not an option when liceinsng ebooks for public libraries.  And we really wonder if this should be a responsibility that public libraries take on.  In other words, I don't believe that public librarians are chomping at the bit to get into preservation - they just want to make sure someone is doing it.


Thanks again.

-Carrie Russell