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Responsibilities for members of the LNOSCY Committee:

Responsibilities for members of the LNOSCY Committee:


1.  Confirm the organizations which are assigned to you.

2. Take the following actions listed below:

For organizations already on the radar screen:

 A.  Research if each organization’s mission/function statement is still aligned with ALSC’s mission. This information should be available on the organization’s webpage. If there is a change to any organization’s mission statement, notify the LNOSCY co-chairs to place that organization(s) into a reevaluation process.

 B.  Verify the contact person’s information from each organization, if possible. If the contact person has changed, or there is new way to contact the same contact, notify committee co-chairs to update the contact spreadsheet with the most relevant information.

For potential organizations:

A. Make an initial phone call to the organization’s contact person to establish a relationship. Use the Initial Phone Call Template found in the file on our committee’s ALA Connect page. Send the date of contact/feedback received to committee co-chairs for tracking.

B. Send a personalized email to the organization’s contact person. Please emphasize that our goal is to establish a two-way communication system for membership in both organizations, i.e. we will share information about their organization to ALSC membership and hope they will do likewise by sharing ALSC’s information with their organization. Use the Email Template found in the file on our committee’s ALA Connect page. Send the date of email/feedback received from the contact to the committee co-chairs for tracking.

*Note: Co-chairs will be tracking feedback on, forwarding appropriate messages about our organizations for ALSC membership to sical medias (Facebook, Twitter, ALSC-L, ALSC Blog, ALSC Wiki, etc.) when we receive them.

3. Develop a paragraph about your organizations’ initiatives of interest/relevant for ALSC members, for possible inclusion on social media, Children U& Libraries (CAL) or the ALSC newsletter. Hopefully, the information for these paragraphs will come from the phone/email contact, but may also be culled from the organization’s website.

4. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact the committee co-chairs.