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Who wants to learn Git(hub)?

I want to write a blog post for the ACRL Tech Connect blog on Github but I'd like to have a working project to base it upon. I know there's been interest in the past on doing something with Github so I thought I'd start a discussion here.

I have a vague outline in my head: set up a practice repository, produce some tutorials on getting started, add anyone who wants to play around to the repository, profit. I do not have a particular project in mind (something web-based involving HTML, CSS, & JavaScript?) or a firm understanding of how to manage a shared repository.

Thoughts? Objections? I was thinking of posting to the Code4lib listserv as well since there will certainly be interested parties lurking there, too.

Andromeda Yelton's picture

Yes, yes, yes.  I was having a discussion over email with some people on this idea earlier -- were you in on that?  If not I can send that to you, plus some learning resources I've been gathering, so you don't have to reinvent all the wheels.  (I assume you've seen the earlier TechConnect post on version control, which is quite good.)


I really want the github thing to happen but am having less time to dedicate to it than I'd hoped, so if you want to take this and run with it I'd be super happy.  Anything else I can do to help you, just holler.


I think HTML/CSS/JavaScript is a good choice -- lots of librarians already know some HTML & CSS so that lowers barriers to entry.

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Coral Sheldon-Hess (non-member)'s picture

I'm late to the game, but yes, I would definitely like information on GitHub! I have an account, and I've edited a wiki there, but that's the extent of it. 

Great idea! 



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Oooh, who are you on GitHub? I'm ThatAndromeda there too - we could follow each other!

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018

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OK, I've set up a Github repo. Right now, it's just a readme & a list of git resources. I'll add both of you as collaborators so you can edit the repo.


I hope to attend the MidWinter meeting virtually so hopefully I can recruit more participants/ideas then.

-Eric Phetteplace

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