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DCDL Task Force Meeting Announced

ASCLA Members

Our work continues and I am re-posting the piece below from the ASCLA SIG "Bridging Deaf Cultures @ Your Library" and this information is of interest to our ASCLA members in that we are creating a new library and where the dynamics of Specialized Libraries come into play.  We are creating a state-level library about the deaf but for everyone, and the experience accumulated by the ALA and the ASCLA should be applied.  All and any commentary or questions welcome.


Irene Padilla, the Assistant State Superintendent, Division of Library Development & Services, and the chair of the DCDL Task Force (TF) has announced that the first meeting is tentatively set for 10am January 7th 2013.  See previous postings for md.gov links to the law (HB 390/SB571).  The Maryland legislature convenes on January 9th, 2013, the first day of a 90 day session.

While this TF is on a tight schedule, we have the benefit of Ms. Padilla (who is also technically the Maryland State Librarian, just that we do it a little different here) who has been working with us on the DCDL since 2010 and further that two of the other TF members are our legislative sponsors; Maryland Senator Karen Montgomery and Maryland Delegate Eric Luedtke who introduced, and passed, the bill last year.  Combined with our legislative record on this particular law and the relative familiarity the subject has, I am confident we can push this back to the floor completed in time for consideration by the General Assembly.  If it passes, it will be the first state-level library of it's kind in the nation, and possibly the world.

Note that the MD.gov 'General Assembly' website has changed, you should be offered a redirect to the new site.  I will make update reports here following the January 7th TF meeting, as well a post new links as may need be.