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Cathay Keough's picture

ALA Annual Planning

Hello and Happy Holidays, RSS Marketing/PR Team!

The call is out to determine if we can meet in person or need to set this up remotely during ALA Annual, which is being held in Chicago (sometime between June 27 and July 2, 2013.  Please let me know the following as soon as you can:

  1. Are you going to ALA Annual in Chicago?  [yes/no]
  2. If so, what is your preference?  An in-person committee meeting or a discussion forum? 
  • If a discussion forum, please list any topics you'd like covered.

3.  If you are planning to go to ALA Annual, what is your preferred day?

  • Thursday, June 27; Friday, June 28; Saturday, June 29; Sunday, June 30; Monday, July 1; Tuesday, July 2
  • Preferred time duration?  1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours?

4.  Note that if most of us are NOT making the trip to Chicago next summer, we'll plan an online meeting.  Regardless of whether we choose to meet in person or online, would you be willing to help with our workshop ("Slam the Boards")?

Thank you and have a GREAT holiday!!


Cynthia Thomes's picture

Hi, everyone.

To respond to Cathay's questions:

  1. Right now, it looks like I'll be going to ALA Annual in Chicago. :-)  (I'm still waiting to get the official OK, but it looks pretty likely...)
  2. If possible, it'd be nice to have an in-person committee meeting (especially since I haven't met most of the people on this committee in person yet, and it'd be nice to be able to put names with faces).
  3. It's hard to say right now what day would be best for me for a meeting, but I'll probably be coming in on Friday and leaving on Tuesday, so those days might not work very well for me. Maybe we could meet on Monday, when things'll be winding down already and so there may not be as big of a problem with conflicting events?  I'd think an hour would be fine for a meeting.
  4. I'm definitely willing to help with the workshop -- just let me know what you need me to do.

Happy holidays to you all, too!

Jessica Hagman's picture

  1. I do expect to be attending Annual in Chicago. 
  2. I'd prefer to meet in person and I think a committee meeting is fine. I'm a little foggy on how that's different from a discussion forum though. 
  3. I don't really have a preferred day. When I got to annual, I usually travel on Thursday and return on Monday. I could probably stay through Monday though if we were going to meet. Otherwise I'm not particular on the day. As far as duration, I think an hour is probably sufficient. 
  4. Yes, I'd be willing to help with the workshop. 
Carol Anderson (non-member)'s picture

Greetings all -- and happy holidays! Wishing you all a wonderful year to come in 2013.


1. at this point, i plan to be at the chicago conference 

2. discussion forum -- wondering if we could get some folks to talk about "cross selling" or "up selling" marketing -- if they've used one service, do you suggest another service to them? and how is that done? examples and experience. for instance, when responding to IM reference questions next semester, i'm thinking of embedding a link to our one-on-one reference by appointment service or alternatively, asking them to like us on facebook....

i am not a big fan of committee meetings at annual conference since i like to go to programs and discussion groups! if we do have a meeting -- would prefer monday afternoon (would suggest tuesday as optimum but many folks leave tuesday); saturday and sunday are heavy programming days and i try to squeeze in as many programming opportunities as possible

THANKS, Cathay, for your leadership


Kristen Shuyler's picture

Hi all!  Happy holidays to you.

I don't plan to attaend ALA Annual this year. 

If there is a way I can help with the workshop remotely I'm happy to try.



Candace Merbler (non-member)'s picture

Hi Cathay!

I am planning to attend Annual in Chicago ... An in person meeting is fine, but I tend to agree with Carol Anderson that having it on Monday would be best ... there are too many conflicts with Sat and Sun programs ...

As always -- would love to help with the workshop!

Happy Holidays to All!

Candace Merbler