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Leighann Wood-IL (staff)'s picture

Achievement Awards extended!

Hi Chairs,

We've been getting some feedback about the sad state of nominations. After our discussion we've decided to extend the Achievement awards deadline to January 15.

I will assume that this deadline is OK with everyone unless otherwise noted. If you would like to keep your award deadline at December 15, that's fine, but please do let me know by posting a comment to this post.

We will have all the nomination forms and webpages updated and posted by Monday, December 17 (please check your pages and forms).

Promotions with the revised deadline will begin next week via the RUSA blog, Twitter, Facebook, AL Direct, AL Magazine website, RUSA listserv, individual emails to ALA membership and non-ala listservs such as Publib.

Keep an eye out for our promotions and share, share, share! :)

Thanks, all!

Leighann Wood

Megan Gaffney's picture

Hi Leighann,

I'd prefer to keep the Boucher deadline at December 15.  We already have a strong pool of 8 candidates...


Leighann Wood-IL (staff)'s picture

Can do. Thanks, Megan.

Janice Schultz's picture

That's great about the extended deadline, as long as the info gets out.  We'll do some promo on our end.  We have some good submissions, but more is always good.  We just need to be able to make a decision at Midwinter.


Janice Schultz, retired

Susan Hurst's picture


The John Sessions award has a good list of nominations currently, so I think we will keep the original deadline of Dec. 15th.



Susan Hurst, Business Librarian

Miami University

219A Laws Hall

Oxford, OH 45056




Leighann Wood-IL (staff)'s picture

Ok, thanks, Susan!

Jannie Cobb (non-member)'s picture

Hi Leighann,

     The Zora Neale Hurston Award Committee would like to extend the deadline to January 15th.


Jannie R. Cobb, chair


Jannie R. Cobb



Leighann Wood-IL (staff)'s picture

I'll update the info. Thanks, Jannie!