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Occasional Paper Series reminder: deadline approaching.

Dear Colleagues,

Are you looking to make a professional contribution? Have
you been toying around with a publication idea but not sure where it belongs?

Consider writing a GODORT Occasional Paper!

In 2009, the GODORT Publications Committee created an
Occasional Paper Series.  The papers we have accepted are posted online on
the GODORT wiki, where they receive a good amount of exposure. The paper
outlook is crisp and professional:  ISSNs, creative commons licensing and
a great look and feel.   Please check out their home on the GODORT


Please consider submitting a paper.  The guidelines
are straightforward.  We do expect professional quality submissions. 
Materials considered for inclusion must pertain to some aspect of government
information (e.g., local, state, federal, international). The series was
created to serve as a place for GODORT members to publish lengthy articles
(average length: 7500 words) as well as other materials such as bibliographies,
short articles, reports, preliminary research, etc.

I hope to receive submissions from you soon.  The
deadline for submission this round will be December 15, 2012.

Brett Cloyd

Chair, GODORT Publications Committee

University of Iowa Libraries